Team Rocket#


By far the largest organization of Pokemorphs on Prism Island during its heyday; many of the earlier generations of Pokemorph remained with their creators and served the Team (with varying degrees of willingness or passion).

Following decades of failed attempts to bring all Pokemorphs back into Team Rocket’s fold, the Prism base for Team Rocket was destroyed in 2041 (OOC: 2013), and the Prism division of Rocket was ousted for good in the following year.

Disconnected from their last seat of real power, Team Rocket has all but died out elsewhere in the world; a mere ghost of the multi-regional faction they once were.

While inactive on Prism Island now, players are welcome to apply for characters who were once Team Rocket agents.


Trying to cut it down to “what they did, their influence”

Team Rocket is responsible for beginning the very plot of PMM itself, with the creation of the very first Pokemorphs, in a remote island chain south of Kanto. The Pokemorph (Prism Island) branch of Team Rocket was considered officially defunct as of 2042, following a last stand on Prism and the complete destruction of their base a year prior.

Team Rocket was once the largest organization on Prism Island; countless Pokemorphs stayed with their creators and served Team Rocket. Over the years, Team Rocket as a whole put much of its time, effort and focus into Pokemorphs - both their creation and attempts at retention.

Team Rocket’s devious influence continues to affect many aspects of Pokemorph life, even if they are no longer active on Prism. Many blame the omnipresence of crime and corruption as a lasting effect of Team Rocket. However, as time moves on and a new generation of morphs grows up without Rocket’s influence, much of the darkness and corruption is eroding, leaving clear skies for a more peaceful way of life.

For more information on Team Rocket (particularly if you are apping a character involved with Rocket in their past), read on.

Team Rocket History#

We suggest looking at the Timeline for more detailed dates and incidents. All years listed are IC (28 years ahead of IRL).

Following the success of various cloning and hybrid programs in the 1990s, Team Rocket took the next step toward creating human-Pokémon hybrids, launching Project Armageddon. The first successful Pokemorph created from this project was “born” in 2005, launching the project into overdrive. By 2009, rocket camps were established across a formerly-unoccupied chain of Kantonian islands to house and train the Pokemorphs being pumped out by this project.

The Camps were brutal and cruel to their subjects, and eventually the subjects revolted against their captors and torturers (many of them morphs themselves), breaking out in war. Facing defeat by 2017, Team Rocket considered Project Armageddon a wash and bombed the islands, hoping to erase all evidence of their involvement.

In the years following, the Pokémon League started to place Pokemorphs on Prism Island; an island formerly occupied by humans but recently evacuated due to a severe economic crash. Pokemorphs still loyal to Team Rocket, guided by the mainland faction (despite Giovanni’s disappearance in 2020), formed the Pokemorph branch of Team Rocket on Prism Island by 2022. They were led by the only known Mewtwo-Morph, known simply as Myuutsu, and at this time, the Pokemorph branch’s main base was located offshore of Prism Island.

The creation of new Pokemorphs using the [Second Generation] formula continued; while still not treated with kindness, these Second Gen morphs were no longer tortured as the First Gen was, creating a far higher quantity of morphs loyal to Team Rocket. All Pokemorphs (First and Second Gens) created during this time were considered property of Team Rocket; whether they actually held any loyalty or not.

During this time, Team Rocket also sought to recapture what they consider to be “defectors”; Pokemorphs that have escaped Team Rocket.

The first Team Rocket base was raided by an unknown group in 2030, culminating in the destruction of the base via chemical warfare. The death toll of these events was high; mostly Rocket agents, including the leader, Myuutsu. The attackers were never identified, and the Prism government offers all former Rocket agents amnesty if they agree to denounce the group, hoping this would mean the end of Pokemorph Team Rocket.

Undeterred by the loss of their leader and base, Pokemorph Team Rocket quickly regrouped. Rocket went on to rotate through various leaders in the following decade, and built a new base under part of the city, connecting to the storm drain system. In the years following, Team Rocket attacked a number of locations and events on Prism, proving they were far from over.

Hydra was formed in late 2030, advertising themselves as a vigilante counter-faction to Team Rocket; they pushed back against Team Rocket in a number of conflicts over the following decade.

Team Rocket continued to dominate as the primary antagonistic force through the decade, though slowly losing their powerhold on Prism society, due to successful counter-attacks from Hydra, in addition to [Shinkawa-kai] slowly carving out Rocket’s control on local businesses. During this time, the Rocket mainland branches also drastically declined in power and reach. In 2040, Hydra mysteriously disbanded months after Pride, a Ninetales-Morph, took control of the Team Rocket branch, and declared he’d reform the faction.

In the year following (2041), the Team Rocket base was violently destroyed, causing severe damage to the city infrastructure above; this was reported on the news as an earthquake. No trace of Pride is found after this; he is considered to have died. The source of the destruction was never identified (though some theorize that Pride suicidally activated a self-destruction sequence). The loss of an easily-accessible place to retreat was a heavy blow to the Pokemorph Rocket branch. Despite effort from many splintered groups attempting to regroup and reform, none successfully formed a foothold on Prism.

Despite this, a handful of loyal Rocket morphs remaining on Prism were in contact with the (admittedly declining) mainland faction, and they geared up to make a desperate retaliation. Staged in 2042, the attack began with looting and raiding for resources, then culminated in the capture of the Prism Radio Tower and the PIA HQ. The Radio Tower was used for a powerful mind-control broadcast, causing nearly half of Prism’s citizens to attack others randomly. In the end, this last-stand attempt was thoroughly trounced by PIA and citizens alike, and the majority of the remaining Rocket agents were either killed in the attack or placed into holding in the Mount Prism Correctional Facility.

As of the current year: there are no known Team Rocket facilities still producing Pokemorphs, nor any known Team Rocket presence on Prism Island. Off-island, Team Rocket is a dying organization with none of the power, influence or reach they had in their heyday.

Life in Team Rocket#

All First and Second Gens were considered to be members and property of Team Rocket, regardless of loyalty - those that escaped Team Rocket were simply considered defectors, and loyal agents sought to recollect them. Torture and brainwashing was frequently implemented in order to break the spirit and mind of “recollected agents,” so that they might be re-indoctrinated into the Team.

Team Rocket Agents were always paired with a partner, whom they were expected to work with and generally live with, as well. Team Rocket partners were often matched to complement each other’s strengths and/or cover weaknesses in skill and types. “Recollected agents” were often assigned the most loyal of Rockets as partners to ensure they stayed within the Team.

The Team Rocket branch ranks were, in order of lowest rank to highest, Jr. Agent & New Recruit -> Grunt -> Soldier -> Lieutenant -> Elite -> Executive -> Second-in-Command -> Leader.