What are Groups?#

ICly, a Group may vary from an established social club to an official organization or faction of varying renown, that operates on Prism Island. They range from small social organizations to substantial forces, both good and bad (and in-between). All have a place and function within Prism’s society, current or historical.

OOCly, Groups are PMMUSH’s organization system for people to easily tell at a glance what collectives, clubs, organization or faction that various characters may be associated with. (These were formerly known as “Factions,” and some of the Groups that precede the current system may have their own boards and/or chat channels to facilitate communication between members.)

Characters may be members of multiple Groups, and may choose a single ‘priority Group’ to flag on +who. You may see the full list of Groups any character is in by checking their +profile, or using the command +group/profile <CharacterName>.

Some Groups may be joined at character application - stating your character has been a member is an already-established member; other Groups may require an IC RP scene to sign up. We suggest you look at all of the different Groups available and see if any of them would be a good fit for your character, or a future aspiration for your character. You may check the current list of Groups on the MUSH with +group/list, and check the detailed profile for each Group with +group <Groupname> (ex. +group/profile PIA).

Make your own Group#

All information for creating a Group, including the Application form, can be found in full at Creating a Group

Open vs Closed Groups#

Some Groups are open Groups, and may be joined at any time (including during the character application process. If you have any questions or difficulty joining an open Group, simply contact any on-duty Staff member for help!

Closed Groups are those that have moderated membership, often to make sure that characters within a Group fit in thematically. If a closed Group interests you, we recommend contacting the Group’s Manager(s). See “Managers” below for more information.

Group Roles#


Each Group has at least one Manager that oversees the Group, at least OOCly; these are the people who approve or decline new Members. If you are unsure if your character would be a good fit for a Group with restricted membership, we recommend contacting the Group’s Manager to discuss.

Group Managers are also who to contact if you have questions about the Group.
You may find a Group’s Managers by typing +group/managers <GroupName>.


Every player character who is in a Group is considered a Member; Rank is the separate IC distinction between Group Members.


The IC organization or hierarchy of a Group. Each Group has its own naming conventions for Ranks, and as such, Rank titles vary. This may be checked in-game with +group/ranks <GroupName>.

Active Open Groups#

The PIA#

The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, more often “PIA”, is the law-keeping arm of Prism’s government. The faction has a tumultuous history both from internal and external pressure, and in the current day is both overworked and understaffed due to policy changes and increasing troubles on the island. Psychological screening of applicants is mandatory, the faction not operating in the same manner as mainland police, but rather intended to be exemplary citizens, role models for the island that uplift the populous: They primarily “do good” and then “keep peace” as opposed to “enforce law”, expected to council first and bring justice last. Those who remain in the group by and large understand that morphs are alone in the world, the number of their species limited, and every citizen is a brother and sister; for the PIA, conflicts are worth trying to deescalate, part of the shape of morph culture determined by their actions.

Team Plasma#

Plasma is a charitable organization working to improve the lives of ‘morphs through various public works projects, in some aspects seeking repentance for their crimes in Unova. They provide generalized health care and good will on the island, and are the only known faction currently creating Pokemorphs at all, responsible for the Liberated generation beginning in 2042 (OOC: 2014).

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Open Group. In contrast to the Battle Club, Kenka-bu is the longest-lasting, yet unofficial, underground fighting organization on Prism Island (though it could hardly be called an organization). Kenka-bu is the place to go if you wish to participate in or spectate non-legal, and often brutal and violent, fights. Cage matches, fixed fights, and house rules that’d make the League cry for mommy are common features of the types of matches one might expect to see in Kenka-bu. The majority of Kenka-bu fights are held in the Chikajou, an underground arena (both literally and figuratively). Nothing that happens in Kenka-bu is sanctioned by any part of the Prism or Kanto government, and What Happens in Kenka-bu Stays in Kenka-bu.

Active Closed Groups#

Please contact a Group Manager if you are interested in joining any of these Groups.

Battle Club#

A shard of Prism island’s culture, the Battle Club provides a structured place for ‘morphs to battle for improvement and enjoyment, and doubles as a social gathering point for its members. Despite being one of the oldest ongoing groups on the island, Battle Club is not spoken about openly. Tightly run at an administrative level, it is not intended as secret; it is simply not meant to be advertised, and membership is extended by current members after an internal vetting process if a potential participant shows interest. Dedication to combat is expected, and though the pain is real, exceptional attention and organization has been developed around making injuries impermanent.

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The Seafangs are a modern group of sea pirates, formed of primarily Water-type Pokemorphs.


Shinkawa Godo Kaisha (新川合同会社), or Shinkawa GK, is a company centered on Prism Island that focuses on real estate and property management, investment and sales, and managing smaller businesses. Shinkawa GK owns a number of businesses across Prism City, and is known to help smaller businesses struggling to get started. Shinkawa GK has become a common company name on Prism, frequently donating to or hosting public events, and showing up at disasters with aid. There are rumors of Shinkawa GK having darker businesses dealings… suspicions that are unproven. In truth, it is also the front for the only known morph bokuto yakuza: Shinkawa-kai, or the Shinkawa Family. They only accept non-human members, and keep several irons in the fire of Prism’s commercial industry, working quietly in the background to keep Prism’s wheels greased and turning whilst lining their own pockets.

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Inactive and Historical Groups#

These are factions and organizations that are historically important or relevant to the theme, but no longer active or functioning on Prism Island.

Team Rocket [defunct]#

By far the largest organization of Pokemorphs on Prism Island during its heyday; many of the earlier generations of Pokemorph remained with their creators and served the Team (with varying degrees of willingness or passion).

Following decades of failed attempts to bring all Pokemorphs back into Team Rocket’s fold, the Prism base for Team Rocket was destroyed in 2041 (OOC: 2013), and the Prism division of Rocket was ousted for good in the following year.

Disconnected from their last seat of real power, Team Rocket has all but died out elsewhere in the world; a mere ghost of the multi-regional faction they once were.

While inactive on Prism Island now, players are welcome to apply for characters who were once Team Rocket agents.

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Hydra [disbanded]#

Hydra was a vigilante justice group that operated from late 2030 to late 2040 (OOC: 2002 to 2012). They formed in direct response to the continued terrorism of Team Rocket on Prism Island. Taking direct action back to Rocket, Hydra operated outside the law, and as such could utilize more aggressive means than the PIA. However, while Hydra would not hesitate to retaliate with violence if they felt it necessary, they tried to keep property destruction to a minimum and keep civilians uninvolved - Hydra was formed to protect people and make a better world, not to make it worse by resorting to the same cruel tactics as Rocket. While out of action now, players are welcome to apply for characters who were once Hydra members.

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The Friends of Nature [defunct; evicted]#

The Friends of Nature are a human-only group who believe that Pokemorphs are an affront to the natural order, and as such, should be eradicated. They set up an office in Prism City in 2029 (OOC: 2001), meeting with opposition from Prism citizens numerous times over the years.

Following the discovery of the battleship attack upon Prism Island in 2043 (OOC: 2015) to have been orchestrated by Friends of Nature, the organization was forcibly removed from Prism Island and legally ruled to be a terrorist hate group.

FoN no longer holds any known physical office spaces, but their website still receives intermittent updates, indicating they haven’t disappeared entirely.

Muintir [disbanded]#

Muintir was a small but tight-knit mafia group that operated during most of the 2030s (OOC: 2002), before disappearing into obscurity.

Team Dragon [defunct]#

Team Dragon was a small but determined gang of smugglers who sought to make a name for themselves in Prism’s underworld in 2049 (OOC: 2021), believing they could raise those they considered underprivileged to wealth and prestige via organized crime. They operated behind the business name “Wyrmware Trading”. The gang dispersed within a year (theorized to have been stamped out by rival gangs or the yakuza).