Prism Island#

Originally named Prism Island during the human occupation (pre-Pokemorph residency), the territory came to be known as “Pokemorph Island” when Pokemorphs began to populate the land. The name was officially redeclared to be Prism Island in April 2040 (OOC: 2012), along with a legal separation from Kanto, although the island is sometimes still referred to as “Pokemorph Island” and the name remains on some local businesses and charters.

The closest real-life analogue to Prism Island is Okinawa Island, particularly in culture, architecture, and equatorial placement.

Prism Island Layout#

Prism Island lies south of the Sevii Islands, in the subtropical range. The island is larger than Cinnabar, and the southeast sector is dominated by Prism City, where the majority of the Pokemorph population lives and works.

The remainder of the island is wild and mostly forested, save for the dormant volcano to the northwest which gave birth to the island. The beach south of town is a beautiful stripe of white sands, giving way to a rockier coast farther west. The southeast coast is tall, rocky cliffs; the Seaview Estate resides here on the highest cliff, overlooking the ocean.

Prism City#

The west side of the city is primarily residential, sporting special apartment complexes to suit particular Pokemorph types. The north side of the city runs more commercial, with the industrial sector near the docks at the northeast corner. The south side of the city is considered the most scenic area, where it leads to the boardwalk and the south beach, both of which are popular sight-seeing destinations.

Architecture is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, as the original Kantonian architecture of the city has either been repaired, or torn down and rebuilt, with a heavy influx of Unovan influence in more recent decades. There are few buildings over six stories, and nothing approaching a skyscraper.

While individual automobile ownership is rare, transportation all across the city is readily available from public transit (buses and flatbed trucks), cabs, cycling, or rickshaws.

Particularly large or important structures have shielding to protect against stray attacks from battles, which normally remain inactive and invisible. None in common use are enough to protect against an intentional assault, though they excel at preventing accidental property damage. Having one activate is generally viewed as a faux pas.

Weather and Seasons#

Prism Island’s seasonal weather patterns are typical of a subtropical island in the south of Kanto; mirroring that of Okinawa. Temperatures are typically humid and hot from June through October, and cool and clear from December through March. Rain is frequent during spring and early summer, with moderate rainfall occurring year-round. Notably, near-daily rainfall occurs in the afternoon, around the hours of 1pm to 3pm.

Agriculture and Food#

Thanks to the hard work and engineering of Pokemorphs and their elemental abilities, a number of small farms have taken a strong foothold on Prism Island. Primary crops are rice, sugarcane, coffee, and tropical fruits; although some ranches have taken advantage of the rich volcanic soil to raise grass-fed livestock. The abilities of Grass-type morphs (among others) mean a reliable, steady supply of foodstuffs for the citizens of Prism Island! Cotton is also grown on the island, though due to the ease and prevalence of silk for clothing cotton is not given the same attention as edible crops.

Berries of an exceptional number of varieties can be found growing wild, having been once planted and naturally spread. Because there are a number of dedicated gardens specifically for berries that have battle effects, it isn’t hard to purchase even the rare varieties. While fairly cheap, prices do increase in accordance with cultivation effort.

Fishing is a primary source of food on Prism Island, and a number of other food sources are imported (at a cost to the buyer, of course).

More recently, genetic research has provided a small but steady supply of ‘cruelty-free’ lab-grown meats for Prism citizens.