In the games#

Teleport is represented as having -6 priority, one of the very slowest moves to exist. It has unlimited usage out of battle, and allows transport across unlimited distance (albeit inside a single country).

On the MUSH#

Activating a Teleport requires a few seconds in the general case, making it generally an exceptionally poor choice for trying to get out of the way of attacks, unlike moves such as Quick Attack or Agility; even physically dodging will be more effective without a great deal of specific training to decrease the activation time.

The move has a limited range that depends on how much the user has trained with it and themselves in general, though it functions very well at being used to travel long distances; even a simple upkeep of regular use will allow the user to Teleport a few miles, generally taking them back home, which has about the same stamina usage as a casual walk the same distance. A curious note is that while the move is sometimes thought of as ‘instantaneous’, and to the benefactor may seem as though it is, a few seconds tend to elapse before reappearing at the destination even when teleporting short distances such as within line of sight.

The user must have some inclination of where they intend to go, even if that destination is ‘outside’ or ‘away’. Generally well-known locations or points within line of sight are chosen, as these provide the least chance of the move dumping the user somewhere undesirable or failing outright. Conversely, attempting to use the move with only vague guidance can be done, causing an inexact result. Compass directions or exact navigational routes need not be known, but envisioning a place that doesn’t exist and trying to teleport there will fail. In a similar way, attempting to teleport to a place fully occupied or somehow incompatible for usage as a destination will cause the move to fail, though some automatic shifting of arrival location happens if there is nearby free space. The move failing simply causes the user to never disappear in the first place.

Teleport may be used to teleport other people, growing in difficulty by number. Those being teleported may feel the move being activated as a metaphysical ‘tug’, and can keep themselves anchored with a trivial amount of effort. Direct physical contact is not strictly necessary, though tends to make the process significantly easier.