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  1. You will follow the Code of Conduct for Pokemorph MUSH.

  2. You may not impersonate any administrator or representative of Pokemorph MUSH or

  3. Don’t do anything illegal on PMM. You may not violate any local, state, national (USA) or international law or regulation. This includes (and is not limited to): using communications on Pokemorph MUSH to arrange for exchange or transfer of any illegal or contraband materials (including pirated software); uploading or transmitting any material of which you do not hold the copyright or have express written permission to share or transfer from the author or copyright holder; or engaging in any sort of sexual discussion or conduct with underage players (persons who are under 18 years of age).

  4. No hacking, collecting traffic, exploiting bugs, et cetera. You may not modify any part of Pokemorph MUSH not normally authorized for player level accounts. You may not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the server running Pokemorph MUSH and/or You may not exploit any bug in Pokemorph MUSH that would allow you to bypass any restrictions normally in place for player level characters; and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug or modification to any other user of Pokemorph MUSH, except to administration, so that it may be reviewed and corrected.

  5. Don’t dox or otherwise share personal info on anyone. You may not post or communicate any person’s real world, personal information within Pokemorph MUSH or without express written permission of that person.

  6. No sharing characters. You may not log on to any Player Character that you yourself have not expressly applied for and been approved for. You may not share, transfer, or give away any Player Character to another individual without prior approval from the PMM Staff.

  7. You give us permission to transmit the text you enter into PMM. You agree that any and all information transmitted to Pokemorph MUSH and grants Pokemorph MUSH the non-exclusive right to use or review such information, including, but not limited to: character concepts, literary and descriptive works, and visual images, in a manner related to the progress of Pokemorph MUSH and, as seen fit by the administration of Pokemorph MUSH.

  8. You agreeing to behave here. You agree to abide by any and all decisions given by any member of the Pokemorph MUSH administration, whether made by direct transmission, public or private posting of said information, as by any means verifiable as having come from Pokemorph MUSH administration.

  9. Legal liability statement: You agree to hold Pokemorph MUSH,, the administration, and the servers running the above services unaccountable for the actions of any player, including, but not limited to, actions that are against the above mentioned rules. The administration, servers, and services cannot be held legally liable for any defamation, harm, or damages caused by other players or the use of Pokemorph MUSH to you, your computer, or any other possessions owned by you, whether physical or intellectual. Pokemorph MUSH,, its administration, and the servers hosting the above services may not be held liable for any repercussions of using its services.

Staff decisions and answers are law on Pokemorph MUSH, and must be obeyed as such. All information on the wiki is considered canon and finite in the Pokemorph MUSH world, unless stated otherwise by Staff. Any questions about theme or the game that are not answered on this website can be submitted using +request. Suggestions to improve the theme, website, or the MUSH in general are also welcomed.