Hydra was a vigilante justice group that operated from late 2030 to late 2040 (OOC: 2002 to 2012). They formed in direct response to the continued terrorism of Team Rocket on Prism Island. Taking direct action back to Rocket, Hydra operated outside the law, and as such could utilize more aggressive means than the PIA. However, while Hydra would not hesitate to retaliate with violence if they felt it necessary, they tried to keep property destruction to a minimum and keep civilians uninvolved - Hydra was formed to protect people and make a better world, not to make it worse by resorting to the same cruel tactics as Rocket. While out of action now, players are welcome to apply for characters who were once Hydra members.


During its decade of operation, Hydra engaged in a number of conflicts with Team Rocket, to varying levels of success. Hydra lost some, and won others - it was a never-ending back-and-forth.

Hydra operated with some secrecy amongst its members at the time - many Hydra members were unsure of the exact identities of their fellow Hydras. It was deemed too risky for any Hydra agent to know the full roster, and only the leader of Hydra knew the identity of every member.

In 2037 (OOC: 2009), Hydra shifted to a public branch along with forming an alliance with the PIA. While this took a lot of bite out of their action, Hydra gained public favor after years of vigilante justice. Hydra also established a physical headquarters at this time. Not all Hydra members were happy with this direction, feeling they were going to be used as shields and scapegoats by the PIA while enjoying none of the PIA’s protection or benefits, and some left the organization rather than be publicly known as a Hydra member.

Hydra abruptly shut down in late 2040 (OOC: 2012), much to the dissatisfaction of many lower-ranking members. No reason was ever given why - the Hydra HQ was simply emptied out and locked up one day, and any attempts to contact the leader failed.

A few fleeting attempts were made to regroup and resurrect Hydra, but with Team Rocket’s defeat less than a year later, Hydra was left to fade into Prism history.