Creating a Group#


  • First you need an idea! We suggest looking over +group/list to ensure your idea will be different from our existing Groups. If you’re unsure if your Group idea is suited for Pokemorph MUSH, you may discuss it with Staff. Contact staff using +rq.

  • Second, you must find at least two other players who are interested to join your Group. You may post your idea for a Group on the Groups board.

Once you have at least three people (including yourself), you may submit an application for your Group to apps@pokemorph with the subject line “PMMUSH Group App - (Group name)”. Group apps will be processed in the same manner as character apps.

Application Explanation#

OOC information:

  • Name of Group: The long name of your group, shown on profiles and the Groups list. The name is limited to 24 characters (that is, letters, spaces, etc.).

  • Group Members: It is required to have three separate players as proof of interest.

  • Group Manager(s): This doesn’t have to be an actual leader of the group ICly, but they do need to be a member, and will have power to induct people into the Group and change member ranks.

  • Type of Group: A very brief description to set the stage for explaining the Group. Book Club, Social Outreach, Garage Band, Vigilante Faction, etc.

  • Purpose and future plans of Group: What is the Group do? How will RP be made? What will the consequences of the Group existing be? Is there an ultimate fate for the Group, something it changes into in the future, or is it indefinitely ongoing?

Text that will show on the MUSH verbatim:

  • Group Tag: An abbreviated name for the group that shows on commands where space is limited. Limited to 8 characters.

  • Tag Color: optional; see +help Colors on the MUSH. Pretty up the tag!

  • Group Rank names: Ranks members can have, and how the hierarchy works if there is one. Limited to 5.

  • Group blurb: A short pitch to explain the group in one sentence or so. Limited to 30 characters.

  • Group profile: An explanation people will see on the MUSH when looking up the grouip. Limited to 4000 characters.

Blank Application#

Subject line: “PMMUSH Group App - (Group name)”

 ==OOC Info==

 Name of Group (max 24 characters):

 Group Members (min 3 players):

 Group Managers:

 Type of Group:

 Purpose & Plans for Group:

 ==In-MUSH info==

 Group Tag (max 8 characters):
 Tag Color: (optional; see +help Colors on the MUSH)

 Group Rank names (if ranks are required; limit of 5):

 Group blurb (max 30 characters):

 Group profile (max 4000 characters):

Example Application#

Name of Group: Battle Club

Group Members:
  Obsidian, Bee, Joy, Jun, Monday, Atkuse-Sie, Ozzy, Arashi, Tighearnach

Group Manager: Obsidian, Bee, Joy, Ozzy

Type of Group: Battle Club, for battles. Not Fight Club.

Purpose & Plans for Group:
- Generate RP by witnessing techniques used in new ways, practicing battle, or being near other battlers to watch. Many Pokemon "grew up" battling, and this is a club that embraces their way of life, so it can be a social scene as well, no power use needed.
- Invite only. Battle Club isn't a secret, but it's expected to not be talked about like it's a sporting event; this is a place to make sure skills are sharp and power is retained.
- Anyone who wants practice at using powers can be invited. This isn't a good place for arts and crafts, but any legitimately battle-related practice (including healing, mobility) or non-powered practice (rhythm, footwork, judgment, scouting) is welcome to be worked on.
- This is intended as serious- morphs who legitimately want to be passed the experience, techniques, and skills of other battlers. The end goal of what those powers are to be used for doesn't matter as much.

-- In-MUSH info --

Group Tag: Battle
 color: hx

Group Ranks: Member

Group Blurb: For horizon-expanding battles

Group Profile:
For longer than Pokemorphs have existed, they have battled. Started when the first Morphs arrived on Prism, Battle Club is a shard of the island's culture, providing a structured place to go to continue battling for practice and enjoyment, and doubling as a social gathering point for its members.

One of the oldest ongoing groups on the island, the club is not talked about on the streets, though is fairly large, tightly run at an administrative level, and not intended as secret; it is simply not intended to be advertised. Membership is extended by members after an internal vetting process when a potential participant shows interest.

The battles themselves scale from casual to some of the island's most intense, and meeting spots are primarily miles outside city limits, most commonly in areas where the landscape has been intentionally altered to accommodate the club.

Any work on development of powers is welcomed, be that form, raw strength, mobility, healing, or otherwise. Likewise, there is practice for non-powered skills such as rhythm, footwork, perception, and scouting.

The club has dedicated roles in the form of Battle Partners, Healers, and Administrators. Though changeable, only one role may be performed at once, and there are rules about the interactions between roles and their duties, typically simple: Battle Partners only battle one another, Healers only heal, Administrators do neither.

Group meetings are scheduled to fit all varieties of active hours. Battle Club itself battles to improve, and so changes location, rules, and times based on the needs of its members and the needs of the island.