Poké Balls#

Capture balls are unable to hold Pokemorphs - and possibly are the single most harmful weapon to a ‘morph. If a Pokemorph is struck with a Poké Ball, the capture device will react to the Pokémon parts of a ‘morph and activate, but will be unable to successfully complete the capture and eventually fail. Visually, a bystander would see the Pokemorph turn red and semi-transparent.

In short, a Poké Ball will attempt to rip the Pokémon away from the human of a Pokemorph - needless to say, the experience is incredibly painful and often traumatizing! Although it’s not usually fatal, Pokemorphs call this process The Red Death.

The more powerful the capture ball, the longer the process lasts before the capture ball fails, returning the Pokemorph to a stable state - although stunned and suffering. The process typically only lasts seconds, but it is seconds of pure agony for the morph. Ultra Balls last long enough to exert enough force to seriously disfigure and potentially kill a Pokemorph; a Master Ball is, without exception, lethal.

While a target Pokemorph is rendered powerless to affect a Poké Ball used as a weapon once it’s activated, allies can stop the process with the trivial technique of touching the victim. Since Capture Balls cannot capture more than one creature at a time, the process will come to a swift halt when Pokémon or Pokemorphs make physical contact with the target. However, a more typical solution is violence against the Poké Ball. While fairly durable (generally more so for Balls with higher capture rates and expense), the devices are fairly easily broken with a good stomp or punch.

Capture balls that are assigned to a Pokémon (such as those belonging to a human trainer visiting Prism Island) are allowed, but they must be inspected by, registered and marked upon arrival on Prism. The trainer will be issued a registration certificate on their passport, listing all registered Poké Ball and the Pokémon assigned to each, and each of their capture balls will be marked with a clearly visible label. Trainers are allowed to carry no more than the standard of up to six Poké Balls at any given time.

No unregistered capture balls are allowed on Prism Island, and possession of an unused capture ball is grounds for immediate arrest or deportation.

As some Pokemorphs have emotional attachment to the Poké Ball that held them prior to morphing, they may opt to have their capture balls deactivated and keep them - although even deactivated Poké Balls must still be registered and marked. Some morphs opt to have them partially disassembled and placed on plaques or in display boxes, or wear them as decoration.

Non-functioning replicas, so long as they are inaccurate enough to prevent being mistaken for an actual Poké Ball, are permitted, and are a popular design on necklaces, keychains, and other paraphernalia.