To apply for a character at Pokemorph MUSH, simply fill out the following, and email it to, with the subject of ‘PMMUSH App - (character name)’, replacing (character name) with the actual name of your character. If your application subject line does not follow this format, it will not be read as per our spam filters. Do not send your applications as attachments for security reasons. Copy-paste your application into the body of your email or it will be deleted. Basic knowledge of the history and society of Pokemorphs is highly recommended.

Applications received by 11:59 PM UTC/GMT time each Monday will be processed the following Tuesday or Wednesday. The waiting period will be 2 weeks from that Monday to apply for another character after each successful application.

Applications are limited to one review per player per week, and one approval every two weeks. That is, after receiving a new character, you must wait another two weeks before submitting a new application. If your application is rejected, you are able to reapply once a week until it is accepted, but are not able to submit multiple character applications within a 2-week period. If two applications for the same character are sent, the newest one will be reviewed. If two applications of different characters are sent, the oldest one will be read first and the second one will not be read until the next possible review date.

After the character has been created on the MUSH, it’s common to find that their personality and even their background drift over time: That’s very common, and okay! Character descriptions can be altered, such as clothing and so on, within reason. However, major character details and powers cannot be altered without staff approval.

Restricted Species#

It is advised that before making a character that you check the Restricted Species page to make sure you are able to make the character you wish. The list of what is restricted isn’t very extensive, mainly pertaining to Legendary, Mythical, and Paradox Pokémon as well as Ultra Beasts as these are unable to be morphed. Note there are some other minor restrictions to some species in regards to their availability in different generations and practicality.

Application Breakdown#

This is a breakdown of the character application for Pokemorph MUSH, explaining what information is expected for each section of the app. Tips about each section are also included and it is recommended that you read each of those before writing your app to ensure the highest possibility of being accepted.


Where you’re sending your application to.

Subject line: PMMUSH App - (character name)#

Replacing (character name) with the actual name of your character. If your application subject line does not follow this format, it will not be read as per our spam filters. And again, please do not send your applications as attachments for security reasons.

OOC Information#

All of this information will only be visible to administration.

Common Name#

What name/handle do you use online most - or what do you wish to be called? (This shouldn’t be your legal name!)

Email Address#

This must be a valid, working email address, and should be the email address you are sending the application from. This is where you will receive notification when your character is accepted or rejected, and where we will contact you if need be.

RL Age#

This is important, and needs to be a solid number (such as “25” or “43”, etc), not “old enough” or “over 18” or “30s.” US laws prohibit persons under the age of 13 from giving certain information over the Internet without written parental consent. Please be aware that if you apply underage and without the aforementioned parental consent, the staff is not able to, and will not review your application. Failure to provide proof of parental consent will result in immediate rejection. Additionally, PMMUSH only allows players above the age of 16 to join.

Alternate Characters#

Please list all of your frequently played characters on PMMUSH, if applicable.

How did you hear about PMM?#

Please list what brought you to us! If a current player recommended you, you can answer as such here. If this is an application for an alternate character, you may simply state “existing player” for this section.

IC Information#

Character Name#

Names should generally consist only of letters, and up to one space, though exceptions can be made with good reason. Keep all names under 25 characters in length. To avoid unnecessary heartbreak, please check to make sure your potential name is available. To do this, log onto the MUSH and type +finger name, replacing name with the character name. If the system tells you there is no user by that name, it’s free! However, if a profile comes up, you’ll have to pick another name.

Character Species#

This will primarily be Pokemorphs (Pikachu-Morph, Appletun-Morph, etc); humans and certain species of Pokemorph will require a more thorough, detailed application. Please be sure to check the Restricted Species list before applying for a character! Applying for a hybrid or Reverse-Morph (Human to Pokemorph) will result in immediate rejection. Please do not waste your time and ours in applying for something that will never be approved, no matter how good your app is!

Character Personality#

Here’s where you try to sum up your character’s personality in a paragraph or two. Are they nice? Mean? What do they like/dislike, etc. While common/popular character tropes and archetypes are not necessarily a bad thing (and won’t automatically get your app rejected, of course), we want you to really think about your character and the traits and quirks unique to them! Their personality will likely be influenced by the species that they are! What we want to see in this section is what kinds of things make your character react, and how they react to them. We want to know what makes them sad, happy, or mad, and how they show it! This is what makes a character’s personality!

Character Background#

How did your character get to where they are today? Describe the character’s past here as best you can… this is considered the most important part of the application. We don’t need a daily account of what your character ate each day, we would like to know their life story. We want to know who their parents are (or if they knew them!), what Trainer(s) they’ve had, what people/groups/Teams were involved in their lives, and what their goal is. Not all of what we just listed will apply, but that should give you a good idea of what we’re looking for! How did they get the way they are? How did they get to where they are now? Also, note that if you’re applying for a character within a group or faction, your rank will automatically be set to the default, unless a higher rank is stated and explained in your background, and approved by an admin and/or group leader(s).

Character Description#

Here is where you describe how your character looks. This can be copied directly onto your character should you be approved. Make it as descriptive as you like!

A note about size: Please keep in mind that Pokemorphs are a literal mix of Pokémon and human genetics, and tend to highly favor the human size of their DNA, especially when it comes to height! For example, a 7’10” tall Skitty-Morph would be just ridiculous, especially given the tiny size of Skitty; but a 5’10” Skitty-Morph is not, as that falls in an average human height range. There are some exceptions (a 7’ tall Onix-Morph would be pretty average), but please, keep it reasonable.

Profile Information#

The Profile is a quick reference for your character that anyone on the MUSH can read. This is important as it gives other players a brief overview of your character so they can decide if they’d like to roleplay with you! It should be a quick snap-shot to just give them the basics.

Build: This must be listed in imperial measurements for the height (feet + inches) and a short, concise description of your character’s body type. (Ex. 6’0”/thin, scrawny; 5’2”/curvy, fat; 5’10”/bodybuilder muscle, 5’9”/dadbod). Combined, this cannot be longer than 28 characters.

Sex/Gender: This may be anything you like! Male, female, non-binary, otokonoko - or even “unknown” if your character’s a mysterious type.

Pronouns: Any & all pronouns that should be be used when referring to your character (i.e. “she/her/hers” or “he/they”).

Generation: Only applicable to Pokemorphs. This will be First Generation, Second Generation, Unovan, Liberated or Freebirth (All Pokemorphs born of Pokemorph parents are considered Freebirths, no matter what generation their parents are from). Humans and Pokémon may leave this blank.

Ability: Hidden abilities are available with explanation in the character’s background.

Group: The group or faction your character belongs to, if any (leave this blank if your character is not in any group). This could be Plasma, PIA or Seafangs (Water-type Pokemorphs only). You should also list your character’s rank within the group here.

Attacks: Staff verifies attack lists before approving your character, however it is still your responsibility to make sure the list is accurate and conceivable. If an inconsistency is found, your application will be rejected, so please take care in selecting your attacks! We recommend that you use Pokémon Database, and we strongly recommend against using Bulbapedia for attack & ability sets (due to frequent inaccuracies).

You may assign a Pokemorph character their entire learnable moveset, as well as up to 4 Machine, Egg (bred), or Tutored moves at application. You may learn additional attacks after your character has been approved.

Pokémon may have no more than four attacks (including Machine/Egg/Tutored moves). Humans may list any Pokémon they have and their attacks, any relevant combat skills (i.e. martial arts training), or any relevant unique auxiliary powers (such as Channelers).

Bio: This is often a summary of the personality and background history section - in other words, a mini-bio for your character! Think about what other people might have heard about your character, or information about them that might provide RP hooks. Try to make this good, this is what will entice people to RP with you!

Blank Application#

**PokeMorph MUSH Character Application**


Common Name –

Email address –

RL Age –

Alts on PMM –

How did you hear about PMM?

Character Name –
Character Species –
Character Personality –
Character Background –
Character Description –
Profile information: 
Skin/scales/primary fur color: 
Hair color: 
Eye color: 

Example Application#

This application is short and to the point, but it would be accepted in the real application process! Feel free to use this as a reference point for your own application! Do not, of course, simply copy & paste this into your application, we will know.

**PokeMorph MUSH Character Application**


Common Name – Spacefox64

Email address –

RL Age – 27

Alts on PMM – None

How did you hear about PMM? Recommended by Cyrus


Character Name – Twinkles

Character Species – Whismur-Morph

Character Personality – Twinkles is a very shy person, although they would like to be more outgoing! They try to “get out” and make friends and often wind up being the wallflower at the party, as they get out to social events but are often too shy to approach anyone. They love reading and window-shopping for cute clothes they’re too shy to wear, and they dislike being the center of attention and early morning shifts.

Character Background – Twinkles originally belonged to a Team Rocket trainer who gave them up to be morphed, thinking the Pokemon was too weak to be useful for anything. Twinkles hated combat and never advanced very far in the Team Rocket ranks, and took the first chance they could to get out of Team Rocket. These days, they work at the local mall and spend their free time reading as much as they can or hanging out at the library, looking for new books to read and secretly hoping the college students studying will invite them to a party. They joined Team Plasma, hoping to help out and make friends, but they’re still too shy to talk to people much.

Character Description – Twinkles is a short, chubby Whismur-Morph. They wear simple, modest clothing: a loose button-up shirt in pastel colours and khakis, with plain black sneakers. Their skin is pale pink and smooth and their shoulder-length blonde hair is tied back in a high ponytail. Their large ears flop over their face, often partially hiding their features. Their eyes are dark brown, surrounded by natural markings that look like + signs over each eye and they have a cute little button nose.

Profile information:

Species: Whismur-Morph

Sex: Non-binary

Pronouns: they/them

Skin/scales/primary fur color: Pink

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Build: 5’2”/Lanky, bottom-heavy

Generation: Second

Ability: Soundproof

Group: Plasma, rank Volunteer

Quote: … H-hi…

Attacks: Pound, Echoed Voice, Astonish, Howl, Screech, Supersonic, Stomp, Uproar, Roar (TMs/Bred moves: Fake Tears, Protect, Return, Substitute)

Bio: Twinkles is a very shy person, but also very lonely. They joined Team Plasma hoping to get to meet more people and make some friends by helping with their events, but so far they’ve still been too shy to talk to other people much. They are also often seen at the library, looking for new books to read.