Pokemorph Intelligence Agency#


The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, more often “PIA”, is the law-keeping arm of Prism’s government. The faction has a tumultuous history both from internal and external pressure, and in the current day is both overworked and understaffed due to policy changes and increasing troubles on the island. Psychological screening of applicants is mandatory, the faction not operating in the same manner as mainland police, but rather intended to be exemplary citizens, role models for the island that uplift the populous: They primarily “do good” and then “keep peace” as opposed to “enforce law”, expected to council first and bring justice last. Those who remain in the group by and large understand that morphs are alone in the world, the number of their species limited, and every citizen is a brother and sister; for the PIA, conflicts are worth trying to deescalate, part of the shape of morph culture determined by their actions.