Technical Machines#

Technical Machines, Hidden Machines, and Technical Records (Abbreviated TMs, HMs, and TRs respectively) are small, mostly electronic-based devices capable of teaching Pokémon (and conveniently, Pokemorphs) new Moves. Their form factor is usually hand-held, and they typically take the shape of CDs, CD readers, or small boxes. They also vary in levels of durability, some breaking in a single use; for the sake of consistency, one-use machines are referred to as Technical Records, while Technical Machines have a longer lifespan. Hidden Machines differ in their rarity, containing secret or specialized techniques.

TMs imbue the mind and body of a Pokémon with the capability for single variant of a single move apiece, typically no-frills versions thereof, and do not provide additional understanding of the underlying mechanisms or how to change or embellish them. Though the ability to gain functional knowledge instantaneously is ubiquitously viewed as a boon, there are widely spread opinions on how much prior training a morph should have before using a TM: Some believe that going through the effort of learning the basics in advance leads to better ongoing training and more effective practical utilization, while others care more for the immediate result with the understanding that personal technique can be developed later.