A list of terms you may encounter on Pokemorph MUSH.

In Character Glossary#


(noun, verb) : The term used by Unovans for The Change, due to a different outlook on the Anthropomorphication procedure

The Castle#

(noun) : Team Plasma’s underground castle in Unova, the place where Unovan Pokemorphs were created and lived. Holds significance as it was not unpleasant, and was their home for an extended period of time.

The Change#

(noun) : The actual process of Pokemon Anthropomorphication, or more rarely, the period of time before the War in which Team Rocket was mass-producing First Generation Pokemorphs.


(noun) : Typically used to refer to a human with psychic power(s), as differentiated from Psychic-type abilities or powers. However, it may also sometimes refer to Psychic-types.

First Gen#

(noun, adj.) : Short for First Generation, also a term referring to a First Generation Pokemorph; Created Pre-War/Camps.


(noun) : A Pokemorph who was born a Pokemorph; vs a Pokemorph who was Changed to a ‘morph from a Pokemon.

‘morph, Morph#

(noun) : A Pokemorph


(noun) : The name of a specific in-character chatroom hosted on the island primarily for its residents. Anything said here will be considered IC for the character speaking.

Qi, Ki, Prana#

(noun) : All terms for the driving force used in moves. Rarely used in casual conversation, more often appearing in topics adjacent to battle. More commonly referred to as “Energy”.

Red Death#

(noun) : The killing (or less frequently, injuring) of Pokemorphs via a capture ball.

Sec Gen#

(noun, adj.) : Short for Second Generation, also a term referring to a Second Generation Pokemorph; Created Post-War/Camps

The War#

(noun) : The Pokemorph Revolution, when the First Generation Pokemorphs rebelled against Team Rocket


(noun, adj.) :

  1. A Pokemorph created in Unova, either by Team Plasma, or a Freebirth of the region.

  2. Anyone (Pokémorph, human, Pokémon) of Unovan origin.

Out of Character Glossary#

Alt, Alts#

Shorthand term for “alternate characters” - disparate characters played by the same person.


Character. (Not to be confused with the fallen human!)


Often used interchangeably with “Powergaming”. Forcing actions or consequences onto another player character, without permission or prior discussion; or dodging all consequences/actions upon your character, especially if it makes no sense. This often can happen in role-playing fight scenes, but it may happen in any situation. The following actions are examples of godmodding:

  • Writing undodgeable or unblockable attacks or actions - eg, “Pikachu struck Charizard with a powerful blast of lightning, crashing Charizard to the ground.” or “Snorlax snatched the berry out of Pikachu’s paws and ate it.”

  • Dodging or avoiding attacks against reason - eg, “Mitsuki Averagemorph ducked around all of the karate master’s strikes.”

IC, ICly#

In Character. Anything that happens within the game, as acted out by characters, or actions that are consistent with your character’s characterization.


Looking for Roleplay.

Logs, Logging#

Logs (or “RP logs”) are saved copies of roleplay scenes, often plain text (.TXT) or HTML files. Logging is the act of recording an RP log of a current scene.


Playing or writing your character as using knowledge that would not be available ICly to your character; usually to give your character an advantage in the game.

  • Your character is in a scene with a Zoroark-Morph, who has disguised herself as a male Porygon-Morph with her Illusion ability. Despite your character only able to perceive a Porygon-Morph man in front of them, your character addresses the Porygon-Morph as female and “fox/vixen.”

  • Lee is a Nidorino-morph whose +profile states that he excels in the martial art of Judo. Your character, who has had no training in nor done any research on any form of martial arts, upon meeting Lee for the first time immediately recognizes him as a Judo master.


Shorthand to refer to all MUSHes/MUCKs/MUDs/other text-based virtual worlds.


Non-Player Character. These may be spoofed in for scenes.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)#

Shorthand Internet term/tag for posts or imagery that might get a person in trouble if their boss saw it - includes, but is not limited to, R18/sexually explicit topics, nudity, and violence or gore.

  • As a rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t want your boss/mom/grandmother/baby cousin walking in to see this on your screen, consider it “NSFW.” Alternately, consider the Three B’s: If it shows Boobs, Butts, or Bits (genitals), it’s Not Safe For Work.

  • Sexually explicit or highly violent or gory content is not permissible to be linked or displayed in public spaces (including chat channels).


Out of Character. Anything that happens outside the realm of role-play scenes, as acted upon by players.


Player Character. May also be known as “Muse.”


The actual person behind the screen controlling the character. May also be known as “Mun.”


May be used to refer to the act of “Godmodding”; or similar actions to Godmodding, but instead forcing or writing other player characters’ actions for them. Alternately, may be used to refer to carefully building a character to be as powerful as the rules of the game will allow, to the detriment of other players’ enjoyment (for example: other player characters will have little to do in scenes when the powergamer’s character quickly and easily resolves all problems).

Pub, Pubchan#

Public Channel. The main chat channel on the MUSH.


The act of forcing actions or circumstances in a roleplay scene so players don’t stray from a narrowly-defined plot; generally as planned out by the player running a TP scene.


Retroactive Continuity. Removing or altering an event or sequence of events in canon.


An RP scene; a scene in which two or more players write their characters interacting ICly. May also be used as a verb (i.e., “I’m free to scene tonight!”)

Scene lock#

Characters are in a scene that is of IC importance in some way as to require its resolution, but the players have not been free to resolve it.

SFW (Safe For Work)#

Shorthand Internet term/tag for posts or imagery that is acceptable for your boss to catch you looking at. Often used to reassure someone that a link or image is ‘safe’ to click or view (contrast to ‘’’NSFW’’’).

Spoof, Spoofing#

Refers to inserting/writing/using an NPC in a scene, with or without an actual player character present ICly.

Start, Starting Pose, Sceneset#

Refers to the opening post of an RP scene.


TinyPlot (or Tiny Plot). A sanctioned, ongoing plot on the MUSH. Not necessarily small in scope; the name stems from “TinyMUD”, a precursor to modern MUSHes.

Wizards, Wiz[zes]#

MUSH terminology for the Administration/Moderators/Staff.