The word “generation” has special meaning to Pokemorphs, that being their origin as a morph as opposed to a Pokémon. This guide never uses “generation” to refer to releases of Pokémon games. For referring to game releases, usage will typically be one of:

  • “gen” and then a number, such as “gen4”

  • The abbreviated initials of the games, such as “D/P”.

  • The region name such as “Johto Pokémon”.

All Pokemorphs fit into one of multiple origin categories: First Generation, Second Generation, Unovan, Liberated, or Freebirths. All generations except Freebirths started life as Pokémon and were subsequently morphed; Freebirths are Pokemorphs who are the children of two Pokemorphs.

The IC date is 28 years in the future from current real-world year. It is highly recommended you review Pokemorph History before reading this page.

Each heading has an expandable section for more detailed information. While reading the extra information is not strictly necessary for a new player, they provide useful additional context.

First Generation#

First Generation Pokemorphs were created from Pokémon by Team Rocket, prior to the War. The first to be put through The Change, they were kept in high-security internment camps, and “trained” through brutal methods. First Gens are typified as being dour and humorless; the majority of middle-aged & older Pokemorphs are First Gens.

First Generation Pokemorphs were created during the years of 2006 to 2016 (OOC: 1978 to 1988), and thus have spent the last 45 to 35 years as a Pokemorph, on top of the years lived as Pokémon prior to The Change.

Due to a defect in the original formula, no Dark-type Pokémon survived the morphing process in this generation*.


The first Pokemorphs, created by Team Rocket from existing Pokémon prior to the Pokemorph War, are known as the First Generation (or First Gens). After they were put through The Change, they were kept in high-security island internment camps. They were trained to be supersoldier agents for Rocket via starvation, beatings, and savage battle experience.

The majority of First Gens sought freedom from Rocket, and after the War, they were scattered across the mainlands (primarily Kanto and Johto) until settling Prism Island. The First Gens who remained in Team Rocket were some of the most loyal Rocket agents, and all the more dangerous for it, though Rocket First Gens became outnumbered by Second Generation Rocket agents as the years went on.

A noted quirk of the first iteration of Agent Armageddon interacted poorly with the Dark typing, killing all Dark-type Pokémon during The Change. The side-effect unfortunately leads to lethality in First Generation morphs attempting an evolution into a Dark-type, though in present day Plasma has developed a work-around.

First Gens are typified as being dour and humorless, and short-tempered or jumpy, due to the collective PTSD from their torturous existence in the Rocket camps and the subsequent violence of the War.

They are often stereotyped as being the most powerful in battle of all morphs; which was mostly accurate in the very early days of Prism Island’s morph occupation - but in the decades since, other generations have grown to be much more capable and powerful in battle. Yet, this belief holds fast among many.

*Note: A tweak in the first iteration of Agent Armageddon did eventually produce six (and only) six successful Dark-Type Pokemorphs; they were known as the Sinister Six, and created some havoc before the group was disbanded.

Second Generation#

Second Generation Pokemorphs were created by Team Rocket after the War, and a subsequent revision in the Pokemorphic procedure that allowed for successfully morphing Dark-types. They were more likely to have remained loyal to Team Rocket until its demise on Prism, leading some people to still feel wary of Sec Gens today.

Second Generation Pokemorphs were created during the years of 2017 to 2041 (OOC: 1989 to 2013), and thus have spent anywhere from the last 34 to 10 years as a Pokemorph, on top of the years lived as a Pokémon prior to The Change.


Second Generation Pokemorphs (or Sec Gens) were created by Team Rocket after the Pokemorph War, and subsequent revision in the Pokemorphic procedure that allowed for successful morphing of Dark-types. While still frequently trained hard and treated poorly, Sec Gens were not subjected to anywhere near the level of abuse that First Gens were.

Initially created in various Rocket facilities on the mainlands, the process was eventually centralized to Team Rocket’s facility on Prism Island. As Rocket began to focus power in the Prism branch, less and less morphs were created off-island.

Sec Gens were generally treated as low-level Rocket agents upon completion of basic combat and speech training (generally Japanese and/or English). While many Sec Gens escaped while out on duty, seeking amnesty from the Prism government; many remained with Team Rocket for the majority of Rocket’s existence on Prism Island.

There are no longer any known Rocket facilities creating Pokemorphs.

Sec Gens are typified as being more innovative and objective than First Gens, but not as experienced in combat (despite the fact that many Sec Gens are both capable and experienced in battle). Some people are paranoid that Sec Gens may have lingering loyalties to Team Rocket, and as a result may be wary of them.


Unovan Pokemorphs were created by the original Team Plasma in Unova, concurrent to the Second Generation. Generally treated much better by Team Plasma, Unovan Pokemorphs tend to be much less nihilistic or pessimistic, and often have had formal training in vital professional fields (such as medicine, law, construction, or agriculture). They arrived on Prism Island in 2039 (OOC: 2011).

Unovan Pokemorphs were created between the years 2023 to 2028, and thus have spent the last 28 to 22 years as a Pokemorph.


Unovan Pokemorphs are technically part of the Second Generation, as the original Team Plasma (led by Ghetsis) used the Second Generation formula of The Change for their morphing procedure; although they spent more time fine-tuning their process. Unovan Unlike the First and Second Gens, Unovan Pokemorphs were not treated as foot soldiers or warriors; but rather, taught they were better than both humans and Pokémon, and raised to become part of a new world order. Team Plasma discontinued their morphing procedure just before the fall of Ghetsis.

Unovan Pokemorphs generally take pride in being morphed, as many chose to undergo the procedure; although a number were coerced or manipulated into the decision.

As a result, many Unovan morphs feel superior to both Pokémon and humans.

Unovan morphs were treated to aptitude tests to find what jobs or professions each individual was best suited for, and received subsequent training. Thus, Unovan Pokemorphs are generally better trained to function in day-to-day life than First or Sec Gens; armed with career-worthy skills in fields such as medicine, agriculture, law, construction, IT, and many other vital professions.

Basic combat training was available to all interested, but it was not mandatory, and some Unovan Pokemorphs opted out entirely. However, a very select few who demonstrated exemplary loyalty to Team Plasma were given special training with the Shadow Triad and awarded the title of “Royal Guard.” The Royal Guard were trained to protect N on his ascension to Kingship.

Unovan morphs are typified as being optimistic and skilled, but often also self-important and even haughty. Due to the Unovan culture in which they were raised, many people who originate from Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn think of the Unovans as loud, aggressively outgoing and selfishly individualistic, and even rude or disrespectful of personal space and other basic social manners.


Liberated Pokemorphs are the most recent generation of Pokemorphs to be created; the process is handled by the new Team Plasma on Prism Island. They are the first generation of morphs that exist entirely of Pokémon who voluntarily chose to be morphed.

The first were created in May of 2042 (OOC: 2014), and thus can have spent up to 9, though word was slow to get around and as a result it took many months for their count to even reach a dozen. Limited desire and resources keep the numbers low.

Liberated are the only known Pokemorphs being actively created in the world today, and are only being made at the Plasma facility on Prism Island.


The newest generation of Pokemorphs, assisted in the morphing process by the neo-Team Plasma in their Plasma Tower facility on Prism Island. Liberated Pokemorphs are the first generation to entirely voluntarily undergo The Change, with no coercing or false promises involved. Once morphed, these new Pokemorphs are eased into Prism society with the assistance of Team Plasma.

The process takes longer than the previous Second Generation or Unovan formula, and is closely monitored to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for the Pokémon going through The Change. There is nothing of the horror and torturous pain in the process that previous generations experienced.


Freebirths are the morph children of two Pokemorphs - they were never Pokémon. They can range wildly in attitude, beliefs, culture, and age.

Freebirths have been born from the first year of Pokemorph creation onwards, thus have a wide range in age, from 44 years old to newborns, though few survived the earliest years; it was only later, after the War, that Freebirths became more prolific.


A Freebirth (plural: Freebirths; colloquially: Freebirth or Freeborn) was never a Pokémon: the union of two Pokemorphs, they were born a morph. The first Pokemorph children were born just before the Rocket camps were created, with many more born during the ensuing years of the camps and War; Freebirths of the Camps were treated much the same as First Gens, as soon as they became capable of basic combat.

The vast majority of the first generation of Freebirths were born and/or grew up on Prism, as the children of War veteran Pokemorphs. Born free of the grasp of Team Rocket, their parents considered them a generation of hope, and coined the term ‘Freebirths’ for their offspring.

Despite this, the Freebirths born to Rocket agent Sec Gens, or the children of First Gens who remained with Rocket after the War, made some of the most loyal Rocket agents.

In the years since, many more Freebirths have grown up without feeling the oppression of the looming thundercloud of Team Rocket.

Freebirths of Prism Island are typified as being optimistic and idealistic; Unovan Freebirths are considered even more so, but with an added superiority complex. Freebirths are often presumed to be poorly skilled or inexperienced in battle; which is a misunderstanding borne of ignorance, as many Freebirths are more than capable of kicking some butt!