MUSH Etiquette#

Players & The Community#

Appropriate Language and Content#

Pokemorph MUSH can be considered 16+ mostly for the presence of gruesome violence and heavy themes. The world has a dark history, and gritty events still occur on occasion. These themes include fantastic racism, internment camps, torture, terrorism, war, and character death.

However, we have a range of players with a broad variety of ages, backgrounds, beliefs, desires and comfort levels - as such, we expect all players to treat each other with respect and understanding, and discuss their comfort levels OOCly before engaging in dark topics in RP.

Refer to our Code of Conduct & Rules for further clarification.

Chat Channels & Channel Conduct#

Pokemorph MUSH has a number of chat channels in-game available to players (as such, we do not have a Discord server).

The Public Channel (aka Pubchan or simply Pub) is a great place to converse with other players without the commitment of roleplay. As long as the Code of Conduct is followed, anything goes on Pubchan. Some people prefer to stay In-Character even when chatting on Pubchan; though this is not a requirement, and not everyone does. The Pubchan is a great place to get to know the playerbase.

There is a Roleplay Channel specifically for players to seek, well, RP! This is not a channel for casual chatting - it is only for seeking RP, offering to RP, and/or discussing the scene setup.

Morphnet is an enforced In-Character channel that functions as a chatroom system for Prism Island’s citizens. Anything said here will be considered IC for the character speaking.

Guest Channel (aka Guestchan) is where potential players are able to chat on the game and ask about PMM. Feel free to join and talk to our guests if you’re feeling helpful!

MUSH Culture#

In contrast to some other RP spaces, it is a common part of MU* culture to remain at least partially In-Character at all times. Some characters may be fully IC even when speaking on chat channels or through private pages; other players may opt to drop it when discussing serious issues or in private conversation.
This is not required nor expected conduct, however; if you prefer to only play ICly when engaging in RP scenes, feel free to do so!

It is also part of MU* culture to respect other players’ privacy in regards to alternate characters (AKA “alts”) they may have. It may be considered rude to ask someone what alts they have. Many players are open about who their alternate characters are, while others wish to keep their cards close to their chest. If you are curious about a certain person’s alts, we recommend you check their +oocinfo; if they do not have alts listed, please respect their privacy. And in turn, if you wish to share who your alts are, we recommend you list them on your own +oocinfo! (Note that you do not have to list all of them - only as many as you wish.)

Public vs Private Scenes#

So the Code of Conduct & Rules apply to public scenes, but what about in private? What constitutes a “public” vs “private” scene?

A public scene is one that takes place in any publicly accessible space on the MUSH’s grid - city streets, wilderness, beaches, businesses, and/or docks are examples of public rooms.

Private scenes are ones that take place behind locked doors - literally! If there’s a lock that restricts access from any player character, it is considered a private room. These are typically character homes (i.e., apartments or houses).

It is our policy that what happens in private rooms is up to players’ discretion, so long as all players involved follow the consent law and no local or federal laws are violated. This does include ‘adult themes’ such as excessively violent, sexually-charged, sexually explicit, and/or paraphilia-focused roleplay scenes. It is the players’ responsibility to confirm the ages of all RP partners when engaging in scenes with adult themes. Failure to do so may result in a warning, and engaging in such scenes with players who are legal minors may result in an immediate ban from Pokemorph MUSH.