Learning Moves#

Pokemorphs have the capacity to learn and remember more than just four moves as they level up, including access to pre-evolution moves! At application, Pokemorph characters may pick from any game/generation’s movepool for their Pokemorph’s moves, and up to four additional TM/HM/Tutor/Egg moves. As your character progresses, they may acquire additional moves:

  • Level-up moves, which have no cost

  • Extra Moves - TMs, TRs, HMs, Egg, or Move Tutor moves, which cost RP Points to purchase.

Level-up Moves#

With Pokemorphs, the level system is inconsequential, and morphs can even learn moves from previous evolutions. Level-up Moves don’t cost any Points to add to your movepool - your character can train specifically to learn a new move, or discover use in battle!

To have a new level-up move added to your character, use +request, with a subject of “Level-Up Move” and a body containing the character’s name and the new level-up move(s) you’d like added. Example: +request Level-Up Move/I would like Dragon Breath and Flare Blitz added to Zippo, please!

Extra Moves#

Extra Moves include moves learned from TMs, TRs, HMs, Egg moves, and Move Tutors.

A Technical Machine, Technical Record, or Hidden Machine (TM, TR, or HM) is generally a small electronic device capable of teaching new moves moves to Pokémon or Pokemorphs. Not all moves are compatible with all Pokémon or Pokemorphs, however.

Tutor moves are gained through direct instruction and training from someone with in-depth knowledge about the move. Anyone who has mastered a particular technique is capable of Tutoring it to other morphs.

Egg moves are moves passed from parent to child, or between two interacting entities using esoteric means. They are also known as “bred moves”.

For more In-Character information about Moves, see Moves.

You may start with up to four Extra Moves in your application; to add extra TM/TR/HM moves, you’ll need to use RP Points (see below) to purchase them for your character.

RP Points#

As you roleplay on Pokemorph MUSH, you may receive points for your participation! To ensure you earn RP Points while you are roleplaying, you must check three things:

  • Be in a public room. Homebodies aren’t likely to get any points!

  • Be set IC (In Character). Be sure to use the command +ps IC to set this when you start your scene!

  • Be actively participating. Even if you are set IC and watching other people RP, you must pose in the scene yourself to receive points!

The surest way to receive points is to roleplay as often as possible!

You may check your current RP Points by typing +points on the MUSH - note that RP Points are assigned per player, and you will share your points across all characters you play on the MUSH.

Purchasing Additional Moves#

RP Points (see above) may be used to purchase additional, non-level-up . A move that your character’s species may normally learn via level-up (in any game) does not cost RP Points. We would prefer that you engage in an RP scene where your character learns or utilizes their new attack, but this is not required.

Purchasing Extra moves is subject to the following restrictions:

  • All auxiliary moves cost 15 points each; thus you must have at least 15 RP Points.

  • You may choose any auxiliary attack move from any generation, as long as it is available somewhere in some official Nintendo/Game Freak game for your character’s species, or a prior evolution.

  • There is a 2 week cool down per character for move purchases. If you wish to buy a move for every character in your roster at once, you can do so! But you will have to wait 2 weeks to buy a second move for those characters.

To purchase an additional attack, use +request with the subject “Move Purchase”, and a body containing the character’s name and the new move you’d like added. Example: +request Move Purchase/Hello! I would like to buy Rising Voltage for Sparky, please!