A Pokémon or Pokemorph’s Type determines the kind(s) of Energy they can inherently channel.

Pokemorph MUSH does not allow specific resistances to any species’ Type weaknesses, in any capacity. Meditating under a waterfall for an hour every day will bring a Carkol-Morph great focus and spirit, but it will not negate their weakness to Water-type attacks.

Many Pokemorphs often utilize their Types in mundane ways in their daily lives as well. Fire-types can light candles or oil stove with a quick breath. Water-types can wash a storefront or water a garden without a hose or bucket.

What follows is a brief description of some nuances of Types that reflect into their day-to-day life.


Dark-types are not all nocturnal, but those morphs who are have influenced the city design long enough to ensure that the light pollution of streetlamps is kept to main thoroughfares, preserving the beauty of the night and sway whom walks which pathways.

The “Dark” within Dark-types refers to evil as opposed to the absence of light, which remains a common question in English, the name (あくタイプ, “Evil-type”) being less ambiguous in Japanese.


Ghost-Types are not just the departed, also including spirit-like creatures. All Ghosts possess the ability to “phase”, assuming a fully incorporeal form to pass through objects. Phasing is all or nothing, and it is not possible to return inside solid matter.

Most Ghosts are capable of possession, but in practice it is rarely used, and is easily resisted by the willing, heavily weighted in favor of the potential target. Even taking over an unconscious body has its difficulties; a sleeping ‘morph may easily wake up and reject the possession.

Ghosts do need to eat, though their sustenance isn’t always typical food, some subsisting on things such as fear or electricity.


Ice-types can be significantly colder than their environment, to the point that the world around them feels warm at all times. Some find it more comfortable to wear thick layers as a form of personal insulation.


Fire-types can be significantly hotter than their environment, to the point that the world around them feels cool at all times. In addition to fire-resistant clothing, some find it more comfortable to wear thick layers as a form of personal insulation.

For those who dislike water, steam cleaner showers have been a fixture on the island for decades, allowing fur and other top layers to be cleansed without full immersion.


Flying-types frequently take to the air as a form of transit, and many prefer light clothing that is designed to resist tangling.


Poison-types are unaffected by the vast majority of mundane poisons, able to metabolize nearly anything. Entering a drinking contest with one is highly inadvisable without similar protections.

Poison-types have to be careful about accidentally releasing any natural poisons where others could encounter them, and protectors for claws, horns, and barbs that serve the rest of the island for fashion gain an extra purpose for them.


Water-types enjoy the luxury of the island’s frequent rains. Some utilize swimwear as a clothing layer, or the entirety of their daily wardrobe, and suits duplicating the styles of common attire exist, though tend to be more expensive than mundane versions.