Team Plasma#


Plasma is a charitable organization working to improve the lives of ‘morphs through various public works projects, in some aspects seeking repentance for their crimes in Unova. They provide generalized health care and good will on the island, and are the only known faction currently creating Pokemorphs at all, responsible for the Liberated generation beginning in 2042 (OOC: 2014).


  • Do good for Pokémon.

  • Help uplift the Pokemorphs of Prism Island.

  • Obey the teachings of King N.


In addition to providing medical services subsidized by the government of Prism Island, Plasma hosts the only morphing facility known to exist. Their health care and the dedicated hospital of the island share techniques freely despite having no formal association outside of medical transfers. With the prevalence of magical ability and high injury rate of Pokemorphs due to combat, both boast some of the finest care in the world, occasionally visited even by especially wealthy off-islanders.

With the rocky history of the morphing process, Plasma does not advertise the existence of their facility, though neither do they make attempts to prevent word from spreading about it. The laboratory itself is kept secret, sometimes not-so-jokingly called the most secure room on the island.

The splinter of Team Plasma on Prism Island has only tenuous connection with what remains of Team Plasma in the outside world, having remained loyal to N and broken off from the faction after the first failed takeover of the Unova region by Ghetsis. Some members still feel they are seeking repentance for their crimes in Unova, and most agree that N is unlikely to ever reemerge, leading them to settle for following loose ideological teachings.


  • Frosty initial reception

  • Fund rebuilding of park

  • New morphing generation

  • Tower burns

Much like Gen5 (Black/White) were meant to offer a “new start” to the archetypical Pokemon journey, the introduction of Unova and Plasma to the PMM world offered a new generation of Pokemorphs.

(alternate history / better treatment, even in the same timeline as cruel treatment of Rocket Pokemorphs)