Pokemorph MUSH#

Decades ago, through years of experimentation and research, the scientists of Team Rocket combined human and Pokémon. Emerging from the unnatural union was a new type of creature: Pokemorphs, possessing traits from both worlds but belonging in neither.

However, Team Rocket had not the resources to control a vast number of these creations for long: Pokemorphs are free, and have birthed their own civilization on a small island far south of Kanto. Enough time has passed since the creation of Pokemorphs that grandchildren have been born, though the world remains in the throes of adjusting to the presence of something new. These Pokemorphs wish nothing more than to live in peace, though their society is tumultuous, and many forces wish to destroy them or harness their power.

While the Pokemorph MUSH theme - and primary draw - is anthropomorphic Pokémon, the game is more anime or urban fantasy-focused than furry, similar to its inspiration: the Pokémon video game series. PMM seeks to explore a world wherein Pocket Monsters and their magic are real, and what happens when those monsters are molded into the form of humans. This website serves as a reference for a living setting’s information, and as such will be updated periodically with additions.