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Team Rocket's Online Case Files

Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: Yory
Species: Misdreavus-Morph

Make: Second Generation

Rank: Grunt

Primary Color: Black

Height/Weight: Variable

Gender: Female

Approx Age: 20

Partner: Carlo/Franck

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Distinguishing Features: usually carries some form of polearm, two paralell scars down her back, has hints of reddish-orange and purple in her skin
ATTACKS: Growl, Psywave, Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Psybeam, Pain Split, and Perish Song
HISTORY: Birth unknown; joined Team Rocket with Carlo. Yoryoku shows great interest in polearms of all kinds and seems to have a degree of skill with the glaive and spear.