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This page is a collection of the various pieces of world theme of PMM and articles about life on Prism Island.

What is a Pokemorph?

Simply put: an anthropomorphic, humanified Pokémon. For the purposes of this MUSH, Pokemorphs are a hybrid of Pokémon and human. They cannot devolve, nor can these two “parts” be separated, nor are they of two minds: A Pokemorph is a unique, singular entity.

The manifestations of such hybrids can vary wildly, even among the same species! The majority of Pokemorphs will resemble a humanoid, bipedal base form with features of their Pokémon side. We at Pokemorph MUSH believe in allowing for player creativity and flexibility, within reason, while designing a Pokemorph character! For example, a Seviper-Morph may have legs, or may have only one pair of limbs. A Pikipek-Morph may have arms, legs and wings (six limbs total); or he may have wing-arms with hands and legs (four limbs total); or he may be more human and lack flight feathers entirely and simply have feathered, human-like arms.


Main article: Pokemorph Timeline
Main article: Mostly Complete Timeline

You have two options when it comes to looking at the history for Pokemorphs and Prism Island. It is suggested to read 'Pokemorph Timeline' first as it is a simplified list of all the most important events around the history of Pokemorphs and Prism Island that a character is likely to have some sort of knowledge of. If after reading the basic timeline you wish to know more details around a particular event or leading up to it, you can search the second timeline. This timeline consists of ALL the largest player based events in PMM history as a comprehensive chronological timeline. It is extensive and not required reading for creating a character, but can be useful for more detailed flavour text if you desire.

About Pokemorphs

Main article: Pokemorph History

This page expands upon some of the events in the timeline and gives you more of a quick lesson on why and how Pokemorphs were created, treated, and came to live on Pokemorph Island. It also includes an explaination of the different generations pokemorphs can fall under.

Prism Island

Main article: Prism Island

Prism Island (also known as Pokemorph Island) is where the MUSH takes place and where all of the Pokemorphs have taken up residence. Knowing the layout of the city and surrounding area of Pokemorph Island is useful for writing into an application.

Life as a Pokemorph

Main article: Elemental Types

Life differs from Pokemorph to Pokemorph, but one thing they all share is their elemental types. Reading over your character's elemental type can help you understand what living day in and day out with their element is like. The page gives clear advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Pokemorph Society

Main article: Pokemorph Society

Pokemorph society is similar to human society but differs in many ways. This page explains the differences and how Pokemorphs live their daily lives including information about how relationships are handled, what type of technology exists on Pokemorph Island, and many other things.


A list of common or useful terms you may encounter on Pokemorph MUSH.