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Welcome to the What's New on PMM page! A quick overview of recent activities both IC and OOC in relation to Pokemorph Mush. This page will hopefully be kept updated every month or so for those keen to know what's going on.

Recent Activity in game!

  • A strange flying 'Ghost Ship' attacked Pokemon Tower during the yearly Halloween Party, seen only by those attendees who ate candy from strange ghost children. The ship proceeded to attack and destroy Haunter Mansion, before being commandeered by a group of morphs and crash landed into Callista's Market on The Boardwalk. Investigation proceedings are taking place by the PIA to figure out what's going on.
  • A Prison Break is in the works with the plan of putting undesirable people back into the population of Prism after the PIA have managed such an outstanding job during and after the fall of Team Rocket of collaring the worst of the worst of Prism Island's criminals. (Rehabilitation is the PIA and Prism Island's number one priority in the apprehension of criminals and it's only truly terrible people who are put into Mount Prism Correctional Facility for any kind of stay.)

Dragon's Unleased!

Prism's newest Faction Team Dragon are now live and roaring into action in the seedy parts of the Docks with a myriad of seafaring and island bound adventures. It is advised to read their new Faction page and contact the player Iruel in game for more information on the Dragons, both for creating a new member to the Team or organising adventures together.

+BBoards Refresh!

PokemorphMush's extensive history of in game +bboards have finally been washed clean in game and now sport nice shiny new cover posts and information from only the last few months instead of the past 15+ years. All the old posts, including those that you may never of seen from Team Rocket, Hydra, The PIA and more are available for archival viewing on BBArchive. The wiki archive will now be updated every 3-6 months with all recent posts and the in game +bboards will be cleared every 6 months or so to keep information up to date and relevant for new and current players.

Factions Pages updated!

Along with the addition of the Team Dragon page to the Factions page, the majority of the various Faction pages have been updated to reflect the current in game status of them, this includes the PIA, Team Rocket, Hydra and Friends of Nature.

Groups are coming!

What are Groups I hear you say? Groups are a new system the Staff are looking to implement in future to help encourage RP between players and make it easier for people to create Factions and mini-Faction like groups of like minded characters and stories with more Player based agency. It's still a couple of months off, but we're looking forwards to implementing this new system in future. Keep an eye on the Factions page and in game Announcement +bboard for more information in future!