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Totodile, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

One of the most common types of Pokémon (though not necessarily Pokemorphs), Water-types come in a variety of forms, including amphibian, reptilian and even mammalian. Piscine and invertebrate Water-types almost always gain arms and legs, and more efficient lungs, through the process of the Change, allowing them to survive just fine on land.

Nearly all Water-types are natural swimmers - though it comes more instinctually to some, and not all Water-morphs are great swimmers. It isn't unusual for a young Water-typed Freebirth to learn to swim before they can walk! Most (but not all) Water-morphs can breathe underwater as well as on land - Pokemorphs with a base Pokémon species that is strictly found underwater (for example, Goldeen, Barbaracle or Clamperl) are far more likely to possess gills than an amphibious or mammalian type, like Seel or Palpitoad. As a general rule, think of the base mundane animal that the Pokémon is based off of when considering whether the 'morph could breathe underwater (i.e. Finneon is a fish and has gills, whereas even Wailmer would breath with lungs through a blowhole), though there are exceptions, due to the omnipresent variances in the morphing process.) Generally any Water-morph can hold their breath for a longer period than 'morphs of other types, and have a natural resistance to the effects of water pressure when diving.

While they can't control natural water sources, Water-types can utilize small amounts of water in their attacks. If there is not enough water present, Water-morphs can also summon water momentarily, in quantities limited primarily by their stamina and elemental energy capacity. Water manifests primarily from their mouth or other venues preferred by their species, such as a Blastoise's cannons, though some Water-morphs prefer to simply fire the blasts from their hands or the like. A Water-type Pokemorph that drains their reserves of energy in this manner is liable to be weakened and considerably more prone to dehydration.

Staying hydrated is essential for Water-types - many Water-morphs tend to dehydrate at a faster rate than other typings, and will even decrease the power of their Water-typed attacks if they are denied access to moisture for long periods of time. Some Water-morphs find that they develop unpleasantly dry skin without a good soak fairly regularly. Rain, understandably, is highly appreciated by most Water-morphs, as it tends to feel pleasant; on top of activating certain abilities (such as Swift Swim), and helps boost their attack power. A true Water-type-powered Rainy Day is considerably more effective than a natural rainstorm, however.

Electricity, and worse yet, dreaded Electric-typed energy, are the bane of Water-morphs, for the obvious reason that the ions in water do indeed conduct electricity in a distressingly effective manner! The effectiveness of Grass moves and Grass-morphs' resilience against Water-types is not dissimilar to the way that many plants thrive in humidity. Water does take a large amount of energy to heat or cool - thus, Water-types are resistant to the effects of Ice and Fire attacks.

Water-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Electric, Grass Fire, Ice, Steel, Water Fire, Ground, Rock Dragon, Grass, Water