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I'm Tatikyas, also known as Nall, and I'm from the UK. I lurked around the eGroup that predated PMM, but I've been around here since spring 2001, with a break in 2004 and 05. After the open staff call that proceeded throughout 2008 I was asked to be admin that summer, lending my coding knowhow and MUSH expertise to the immensely detailed world of PMM. These days I serve as a codewiz, I give general help and information, and I facilitate staff actions with the intent of keeping everyone sane. (It sometimes works.) I have 7 characters including Tati: these are Seiitsu, Nick, Paperclip, Flashfire, Sanna, and Florin. I'm responsible for the Pinkemorph TP plot of 2006, and have contributed ideas to plenty of other things that happened before and after that.

Other than that, I'm a compsci student (still), finishing my last year at UCLan in Preston and passing a glance at post-grad education. I'm a writer and a big fan of anime, and while once a hardcore gamer it's lapsed in recent years, I'm trying to get back into it. I'm somewhat musical, playing the piano and writing (and singing along with) my own music for it.