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Hello! I'm Joseph, also known as Angeal, Damian, The McSmashy, and a few other things on the vast Internettings. I'm a relative newcomer to PMM, joining mid-April of 2008. I do absolutely nothing for the MUSH except make funny comments (Your mileage may vary) and take up oxygen. Also write the occasional Wiki article, but I haven't done that yet (Just an edit here or there). As for other stuff, I'm a senior in High School, probably attending RIT next year, going to do some kind of CS stuff there, maybe delve into the 2 year Game Design masters program they have there, who knows. I am and have been Head Builder on Dragonball: Warriors of the Cosmos (Currently Edge of Chaos, same people different server while the codegod recodes the whole thing from scratch) for two years. I also don't mind talking to people! I actually am very wordy and often can't stop myself and make myself late for real life things because I'm too busy explaining weird things to people in overly elaborate wordings. So yeah! (Case in point)