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Some Pokemorphs, specifically those who come from Unova, have a very different background and upbringing than the traditional Rocket Pokemorphs. These Unovan Pokemorphs are no longer being created, but still are numerous, and represent a somewhat large portion of the Pokemorph population.

Unovan Upbringing

The biggest change in general attitude of the Unovan Pokemorphs is that they, almost exclusively, chose to go through The Change; as it was pitched to the wild Pokemon to be a way of becoming greater: more powerful, more wise, more like humans... but even better. In addition, Team Plasma's version of the Second Generation formula, as well as their procedures involving morphing and post-morphing, were slower and far more gentle than Rocket's; and The Change, while nowhere near painless, was a less traumatic experience for many Unovans. Thus while some Unovans may lamented going through The Change, the vast majority did it willingly. They see themselves as greater than they were, and greater than humans, to an extent. Unovans were morphed up until March 2029, after that no more Pokemorphs were created by Team Plasma.

Furthermore, Unovan Pokemorphs were not created simply to be mindless tools of war. All were given career training in what they either desired to study, or were best suited for, and while combat training was available for all, it was by no means necessary. Due to the work required to build Team Plasma's Castle, all Unovan Pokemorphs are experienced with heavy labor, leading to a generally fit build no matter their professions, at least during their time with Plasma.

Living Conditions

While they were active members of Team Plasma, Pokemorphs had a much better living conditions than their Team Rocket counterparts. Firstly, they were not subjected to "life or death" brawls, or trained and kept in inhumane conditions. The Unovans' quarters were designed to be as comfortable as possible for a mass living hall. Each 'morph had an individual bunk with a pair of drawers for containing clothes or prized items, though none had private quarters. Food was generally edible, though with only slight variation from day to day (and often, no means good tasting).

Time was split between individual studies and job training, and physical labor on Team Plasma's underground castle. Schedules were generally made in consideration of a Pokemorph's personal studies, and would be made in a way that would not conflict with the days in which their respective instructors would be visiting.

Living in the Open

After Team Plasma's plans were foiled, Unovan Pokemorphs had a rather unique experience to live in mainstream society in Unova for nearly a decade. Tensions slowly rose due to differences in ability and lifestyle, eventually coexistance was deemed too dangerous for both sides, and a deal was struck with Kanto for the Unovan Pokemorphs to be relocated to Pokemorph Island.

While the attempt ultimately failed (as seen in Unovan Life) the time spent with humans led many Unovan Pokemorphs to feel more hopeful about a future integrated with human society, and many have more positive opinions of humans as a whole.