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Trixy Marcoh Twoheart
Aliases: Trixy
Species: Floatzel-Morph

Make: First Gen

Faction & Rank: --

Primary Color: Rusty orange

Height & Weight: 5'3", 150 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx. Age: 23

Ability: Swift Swim

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Occupation: Waitress at Lucci Nourriture
Distinguishing Features:
Relationships: Tracy Twoheart, Angeal, Reginald, Fatal, Obsidian, coworkers at Lucci Nourriture
Hangouts: Lucci Nourriture, swimming pools, nightclubs, arcades, the rain.
ATTACKS: Ice Fang, SonicBoom, Growl, Water Sport, Quick Attack, Water Gun, Pursuit, Swift, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Agility, Whirlpool, Razor Wind, Aqua Tail (TMs: Aqua Ring, Dive, Surf, Rain Dance)
PROFILE: Peppy and cheerful, Trixy is a former contest Pokémon who lives mostly on the simple side of life. Hidden behind her sunshine attitude she possesses an analytic, cunning mind, and is apt at catching lies. Never the less, her optimism is fully sincere, and as a strong socializer the Water-type spends the majority of her free time with others.

Despite being highly skilled with attacks, her regular answer to being confronted in a fight is to flee. If forced into battle she prefers defensive measures and diplomacy to resolve the situation, attacking only if pushed into a corner. However, she has no qualms about making use of her powers in other situations.

HISTORY: Once a shining star in the contest world, Trixy was unfortunately easy pickings for Team Rocket to obtain and morph. Morphed, she focused primarily on cleverness, perceptiveness, and manipulation of her techniques instead of strength. Deciding to live life comfortably and accept her new body, she moved without qualm when the ferries began running. Captured again by Team Rocket once on the island, she worked as an instructor and a lab rat in the study of her abilities. Once Myuutsu was killed, she escaped once more. Eventually wed, her house and husband were taken during the Mewtwo and Catasis battle. She rebuilt her home and continues a regular existance working as a waitress. Now she focuses on living a peaceful life, continuing to improve her skills and enjoying life day-by-day. Her long-term goals include placing herself back in the spotlight for her own enjoyment and profit, and starting a family again.