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Pokemorph MUSH's Online Database - Torry

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Torry Edmund Ellis
Aliases: n/a
Species: Eevee-Morph

Make: Freebirth

Faction & Rank: --

Primary Color: Brown

Height & Weight: 5'4", 119 lbs

Gender: Male

Approx. Age: 20

Ability: Adaptability

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Occupation: Unemployed
Distinguishing Features: Always wears something with a hood on it
Relationships: Sandalphon (Acquaintance)
Hangouts: Home, Sky High Pizzeria
ATTACKS: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Headbutt
PROFILE: Often shy and nervous around others, Torry wishes he could remain unassuming, for the most part. He usually warms up quite quickly to others though, and tends to consider them friends after only a few conversations! He also tends to shy away from anyone who is an athlete, due to the bullying he received from high school jocks. Prone to visiting anyplace he can grab a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza, he's usually not hard to find - as much as he'd love to possibly be invisible to those he doesn't actually know! Through it all though, he's just a very friendly and joyful person, one who will gladly help just about anyone he can trust - as long as their intentions are noble and good, that is!
HISTORY: Torry's a bit jumpy around females, due to certain events, and thus, women should approach with caution. Mostly because he'll probably wig out and run away.