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The Pokemorph MUSH Staff currently consists of several individuals who dedicate their time, sweat, blood, and tears to keep PMM up and running in the best shape possible. While each staff member has their own expertise and things they know best about, all questions and concerns can be addressed to any member, as staff works as a team. If the answer isn't something one knows off hand, they will pass it on to the other staffers and get the answer as soon as possible.

If you need to reach staff with a question or concern and can not do so immediately, you may also e-mail the PMM Staff team at

Active Staff

Chaz - General Helpstaff

Rookie Firemink, General Helpstaff, Professional Woobie - Chaz is all of these things and so much more! He will help out where he can - keeping things orderly on the chat, correcting errors in player profiles, fighting hordes of Grimers and Goomies, all for the good of the MUSH!

Battie - Head Buildwiz & Seafangs

Building, the Seafangs faction, and general help.

Mikhail - Plasma Admin, General Helpstaff

Hi there! I'm Mik, one of the new helpstaff brought on because the regular staffers were getting swamped with all your questions and concerns. Feel free to bury me alive in pages whenever you see me logged on! Chances are I can answer your question without the more specialized staffers having to be distracted. I also oversee and administrate the Team Plasma player character faction; So I'm the one to bug specifically with any queries about them.

Nidonocu - TPwiz

My main focus of work is attempting to make the MUSH more fun! And doing so by creating and overseeing the various TinyPlots and events for you to all to take part in. Its surprisingly hard to come up with things everyone wants to play, but I do my best! And ideas are always welcome.

Oh, and when I'm not sorting plots, I also read apps and make sure everyone is being nice to each other! Be nice! Or else! >:E

Obsidian - Codewiz

Phineus - Theme, Seafangs, Building, Wiki Wrangler, General Help

As it says on the tin! Phi helps keep the theme organised, maintaining this wiki, and anything else he can do to make your time on Pokemorph MUSH pleasant! He also helps run the Seafangs faction with Battie.

Reginald - Codewiz

Reginald (n): Specimen of family felidae. Likes to absorb sunlight, fire lasers from eyes, and take multitudes of naps throughout the day. Has been seen merged with pop-tart, and offering advice to all those that gaze toward it. Occasionally uploads large and powerful programs to the MUSH to improve quality of life.

Staff on Hiatus

Aerie - Building Wizard, Team Rocket, General Help

Doot doot. I lurk on the Pubchan, making sure people aren't being inappropriate, I try to answer theme questions as best I can, but a lot of times I have to check with Fault (or redirect things entirely). I let the alts out (woof woof) and I make things look pretty. If you see an area that needs a desc, send an @mail to Cleo or myself, and we can work on it. Also~ I like to assist in general stuff if the pubchan can't. Oh, and I might have long idle times, but I do typically pick up pages at some point. If that fails @mail is the way!

Cleo - Building Assistant, Wizard Secretary, General Help

Hey there. I'm Cleo, one of the buildstaff, as well as a general helper for the guest channel and MUSH. If you have any questions, feel free to page me. :)

Fault - Owner, Server admin (on leave)

I'm probably the most well-known figure on Pokemorph MUSH, and with good enough reason; I'm the guy who runs the show. I started the MUSH in early 2000, inspired in part by a now-dead mailing list RPG I was a member of. While a lot of people assume I created the entire concept myself from the ground up, Pokemorph MUSH is more of an amalgam of a lot of little ideas from various people; I just put them together and filled in the (sometimes gaping) holes. I'm now the MUSH's lead coordinator, as well as the guy who keeps it up and running. On top of that, I'm THE authority on the theme - you've got an odd question, I'm the guy who knows for sure. Unfortunately, I tend to get swamped when I'm online, so you're better off directing any questions and problems to other staffers first, and they'll direct you to me if you need me. If I'm free, though, I like to chat, and I'm always on the Public chat when I'm online.

Gab - Headwiz, Web/Wiki, PR/HR

Yes, it's true. The Owner and I are an item. Fault convinced me to join the MUSH several years ago, and since then I've been involved in several TPs, which lead to me being asked to join the staff as TPWiz. I never got anything done in that position, but instead I've taken to moderating the livejournal community, maintaining a balance with NitroKing, completely redoing and keeping up with the webpage, and taking over all applications to save Fault's sanity.

Hope - TPwiz, Head of the PIA

NitroKing - Codewiz, Hinderstaff (on leave)

Tati - Headwiz, Theme, Factions & Plots

Hi, I'm Tati! I've been knocking around PMMUSH for about 10 years or so. I came on as a codewiz, but I've passed over my coding duties to pick up the position of co-headwiz, dealing with matters of theme, rules, and policy. I'm the one that deals with the MUSH software, the lead wizard for all groups and factions, TinyPlot wizard, and staff facilitation. I'm also one of our out-of-hours staff, so if you're not in the American time zones, chances are good you'll see me around a lot.