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The Pokemorph timeline has two separate timelines within it: The timeline for the original Pokémorph population, from the beginning of Team Rockets experiments, and the timeline for the Unova Pokémorph population. For information on less essential events, please see the Detailed Timeline.

Main Timeline


March 20, 1994 
Project Mewtwo begins by scientific branch of Team Rocket. Project objective: To clone the rarest Pokemon, Mew, while simultaneously increasing its psychic powers. Noted scientists: Richard Xibar, Edward Paramount.
November 21, 1995 
Repeated failures in Project Mewtwo spawn Project Catasis. Project objective: To create a hybrid Pokemon, mixing DNA from 65 Pokemon species and human. Head scientist: Mark Douglas.
June 12, 1997 
Continued failures in Project Mewtwo cause Richard Xibar to abandon the project. Giovanni allows Xibar to remain alive to prove his theory that the most powerful Pokemon must be altered from already living specimens.
November 12, 1999 
Project Mewtwo comes to fruition. Specimen R-36 survives the cloning process, and is officially dubbed "Mewtwo." Mewtwo lab is destroyed under unknown circumstances. The only known survivor is Mewtwo. Project Catasis, in the same complex, is abandoned.


February 23, 2000 
Mewtwo escapes Viridian Gym. Location unknown.
September 19, 2001 
Project Mewthree begins. Project objective: To recreate the mighty Mewtwo, only more loyal than the first.
July 11, 2003 
Richard Xibar discovers wreckage of the laboratory underneath the ruins of the Mewtwo complex. He secures the journal of Mark Douglas, deceased. Catasis specimen is not found present. Project Catasis is assumed a lost success.
August 27, 2003 
Project Armageddon begins, headed by Richard Xibar. Project objective: To combine the DNA of existing Pokemon with human genetic code, in an effort to create more powerful warriors from the existing Pokemon, to create a force strong enough to overthrow existing governmental forces of Indigo Island.
September 2, 2004 
Project Armageddon faces repeated failures, leaving dozens of Pokemon deceased. Giovanni threatens to cut funding to the project, for fear of legal implications should the project be discovered.
December 24, 2004 
Doc Paramount, son of Edward Paramount, dies under unknown circumstances. His father's scientific journal falls into the hands of Giovanni's science team once again, and is used to further Project Armageddon. Funding is continued with new hope for the project.
December 25, 2005 
The first Pokemon successfully completes the anthropomorphication procedure, a female Rattata, dubbed "Genesis." Transformation time: 17 days.
February 14, 2006 
Two more Pokemon complete the anthropomorphication procedure, a pair of Pidgeys, male and female, dubbed "Adam" and "Eve." Anthropomorphic Pokemon are officially dubbed "Pokemorphs," and work is begun on a series of small islands east of Indigo for holding and training of Pokemorphs.
November 2, 2006 
Pokemorph count reaches 10, including three eggs, parented by Adam and Eve.
February 1, 2007 
The first Pokemorph eggs hatch into naturally forming Pokemorphs. Pokemorphs are confirmed a fertile species.
August 3, 2009 
Work on the Pokemorph camp finishes, and existing Pokemorphs are shipped and intensive training begins. Pokemorphs are starved, beaten, and tortured into loyalty to the team, forced into speaking English, and are exposed to brutal combat training.
October 13, 2009 
Richard Xibar's Marowak, Harley, is subjected to the anthropomorphication procedure, and does not survive.
October 15, 2009 
Richard Xibar's body is found in a laboratory hallway. Cause of death unknown.


March 20, 2010 
Agatha of the Elite Four dies of natural causes. Remaining members of the Elite become the Elite Three.
December 3, 2011 
A single Pokemorph, a Vaporeon-morph by the name of Aquana, escapes the Pokemorph camp. Security on the island increases greatly, and Team Rocket is sent to hunt down Aquana.
June 2, 2012 
A scientist, identity unknown, speculates to the head of Project Armageddon that the procedure is inhumanely painful to Pokemon.
June 5, 2012 
The questioning scientist is declared dead. Cause unknown, though it appeared his DNA had begun to destabilize. Theories abound that he was mistakenly injected with Agent Armageddon, the key mutagen in the Pokemon anthropomorphication procedure.
November 27, 2013 
A multitude of reports of a 'Vaporeon-woman' on Indigo Island spawns an investigation into the matter by the Pokemon League. Rumors abound that the sightings are of a 'missing link' between Pokemon and human. Many remain skeptical, while some Pokemon trainers put their Pokemon journeys on hold to hunt for the creature. Team Rocket activity increases in sighting areas.
September 18, 2014 
Three additional scientists working on Project Armageddon declared dead, each with destabilizing DNA. It is believed that testing on a 'reverse-anthropomorphication' procedure has begun on scientists with questionable loyalty.


July 4, 2015 
The 'Vaporeon-woman' turns out to be the escaped Pokemorph, Aquana, and is found by Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum. Aquana explains the Pokemorphs to Ash. The pair, with Aquana in disguise, heads towards Indigo Plateau to speak with the Elite Three.
September 14, 2015 
Ash Ketchum and Aquana gain an audience with Lance of the Elite Three. Aquana is given sanctuary by the Elite, and discussions begin on how to liberate the Pokemorphs.
June 4, 2016 
Ash, Lance, Lorelei, Bruno, and Gym Leader Blaine launch an initial attack on the central complex of the Pokemorph camp islands. The Pokemorphs rise against their captors in the confusion, and the Pokemorph War begins, with Pokemorphs and Pokemon battling on both sides.
September 29, 2016 
Pokemorphs secure the central island in the chain of seven. Fighting continues on the outskirts of the island, and Pokemorph forces begin extending towards other islands. Casualties rise, however, more heavily on the side of Team Rocket, with the majority of Pokemorphs fighting against the team.
July 4, 2017 
Team Rocket faces imminent defeat, and resorts to finally bombing the chain of islands. Staggering numbers of Pokemorphs and Rocket agents are killed, while the Pokemorphs scramble to evacuate the islands.
July 10, 2017 
All life on the islands of the Pokemorph camps is confirmed either eliminated or evacuated. Only an estimated fifty percent of all Pokemorphs survive, with roughly ten percent of that still under possession of Team Rocket. Pokemorphs begin to scatter on Indigo Island, and Team Rocket works to reclaim their lost Pokemorphs.
August 28, 2017 
A breakthrough in the Pokemon anthropomorphication procedure yields increased success rate at a reduced transformation time frame. The first Pokemorph created through the revised procedure is Slither, the Arbok. Transformation time: 10 days. Pokemorphs created via the revised procedure dubbed "Second Generation" Pokemorphs, and once again work begins to create Pokemorphs, though beginning to treat Pokemorphs more as agents than creatures, while attempting to keep their presence hidden. Pokemorph production by Rocket is also reduced drastically, to avoid the catastrophic losses of the first generation.
October 2, 2017 
The Pokemon League begins discussions on how best to handle a continually deteriorating situation. Trainers attempt to reclaim Pokemorphs stolen as Pokemon, while other Pokemorphs are killed when exposed to high-level capture balls. Pokemorphs are viewed as monsters, and quickly become scapegoats. Humans fear the Pokemorphs, and the morphs resent humans more and more each day. It quickly becomes apparent that Pokemorphs and humans are unable to peacefully coexist.
January 1, 2018 
Prism Island, far north of Indigo, suffers economic crisis, and emigration from the island increases, the population rapidly declining, and thus worsening the island's economy.
March 10, 2018 
A number of Second Generation Pokemorphs are reported missing from the Team Rocket bases.
May 14, 2018 
Prism Island becomes all but a ghost town, population dwindling down to less than two dozen, only self-sufficient humans too stubborn to leave the island.
July 30, 2018 
Pokemon League takes over Prism Island, and sends teams to rebuild the deteriorating city.
November 26, 2018 
Prism Island is renamed to Pokemorph Island, with only mild resistance from residents of the island.
August 28, 2019 
Ferries to Pokemorph Island begin, with Pokemorphs slowly gathered and moved to the island. Human residents of the island protest, but do nothing to stop the populating of the city.


February 29, 2020 
Myuutsu, the second of the pair of Mewtwo Pokémon created, goes through the anthropomorphication procedure, and takes command of Team Rocket. Giovanni seems to vanish from existence. Rumors abound that he was destroyed by Myuutsu, and others claim Giovanni continues to command, though completely hidden. Approximately 1 in 20 Second Generation Pokemorphs are reported as missing.
September 3, 2023 
Pokemorph Island becomes a fully functioning society, with the majority of free Pokemorphs now living there. The Pokemorphs establish import and export lines, and Seaview is founded, both a volunteer halfway house for still homeless Pokemorphs who have yet to find their place in the new society, and as a mental institution, to help heal the mental wounds caused by the torturous existence with Team Rocket.
April 1, 2024 
Pokemorphs all but disappear from Indigo Island. Most Pokemorphs who were not moved to Pokemorph Island are recaptured by Team Rocket, and the dwindling few Pokemorphs still residing on Indigo retreat to sewers, alleys, or tiny villages carved out of caves or deep forests.
December 8, 2025 
A massive explosion levels the Sylph Co. building in Saffron City. The report by the lone individual on the scene after the explosion, a critically wounded Pokemorph, reveals the building as a major headquarters of Team Rocket. Team Rocket activity ceases, and the Team is announced destroyed. The Pokemorph is admitted into Saffron City Hospital, but ordered to again leave the city upon recovery.
February 1, 2026 
The Pokemorph admitted to Saffron City's Hospital makes a complete recovery, and leaves the city as ordered. The identity of said Pokemorph is never admitted to the media, and kept under wraps by the staff of the hospital.
November 28, 2027 
Pallet Town's laboratory is raided by a band of Pokemon thieves bearing bold, red 'R's on their uniforms. Rumors abound that either Team Rocket has resurfaced, or that perhaps, a new band of thieves has taken on the moniker of Team Rocket.
October 18, 2029 
The first confirmed successful Reverse-Pokemorph, subject 'Theta-01' is created in an underground scientific facility. Existance of the specimen is kept a tight secret.


April 21, 2030 
The rediscovered base of Team Rocket is raided by an unknown group, presumably composed of vengeful Pokemorphs. Many are reported dead, including Myuutsu, leader of Team Rocket. The Team is scattered, and remaining members offered amnesty on Pokemorph Island.
June, 2039
The first Unovan Pokemorphs start arriving on Pokemorph Island.


April 8, 2040 
Reginald Highwind is voted as Governor, and officially names the territory to its original title of Prism Island.
July, 2040
Pride, a Ninetales-Morph, takes command of Team Rocket on Pokemorph Island and begins a faction reform.
September, 2040
Hydra ceases all operations and effectively disbands.
March, 2041
An earthquake rocks the Island, causing considerable damage to roads and buildings of the city. The Pokemorph branch of Team Rocket goes mysteriously absent following the earthquake.
August, 2041
An envoy of Team Plasma members arrives on the Island to spread a message of peace and assist with rebuilding efforts and social welfare, determined to redeem the name of their group. Their headquarters are burned down shortly after arrival; arson is suspected.
September, 2041
Team Plasma purchases the long-closed Rainbow Park and renovates the property, reopening it as the new Plasma Park.
December 2041 
A man-made disaster levels much of Geosenge Town, a small villa in the Kalos region.
January 2042 
Professor Augustine Sycamore arrives on Prism Island to research Pokémorph physiology, including the possibility of Mega Evolution.
May 2042
Plasma finishes morphing the first of two volunteer Pokémon using an improved version of Plasma's process. The procedure is a rousing success, and the new morphs start a generation titled 'Liberated'. The process is opened to other Pokémon in Plasma.
April 26th, 2042
Mikhail, the leader of the Plasma branch of Prism, disappears after an attack on Plasma Tower that leaves the top floor burned out.
July 6th, 2042
Plasma becomes aware of a plot against the island by remaining fragments of Team Rocket, and prepares countermeasures and defenses at important landmarks such as the hospital, police HQ, and the radio tower.
July 7th, 2042
Team Rocket attacks at police HQ, serving as a distraction for their real attack at the Radio Tower. Police headquarters is successfully defended, but the Radio Tower is taken. During the attack, a powerful telepathic control takes hold of a large portion of the island, affecting nearly half of the populous.
July 8th, 2042
Team Rocket takes advantage of the chaos to run a scorched earth campaign of looting and wrecking the island. PIA, Plasma, and civilian volunteers busy themselves trying to disable or detain the mentally controlled.
July 9th, 2042
A group of morphs break Rocket's security at the tower, disabling those inside and removing the source of the psychic control. Rockets at the two attack points are either captured or die in the attacks. Civilian casualties total twenty seven.
October 17, 2043
Jirachi arrives on the island and is found by a Floatzel-morph named Trixy. A week of strange occurrences as wishes are granted incorrectly follows.
October 20, 2043
A multitude of trainers arrive on the island, joining in the chase to meet up with Jirachi for wishes.
October 22, 2043
A seeker of Jirachi brings a giant mechanical robot Krabby inland to serve as a distraction, destroying large sections of Elm street including the Friends of Nature building.
October 24, 2043
A battleship arrives at the island, destroying Plasma's seafaring vessels on the way. An ultimatum to surrender Jirachi or have the island leveled by missiles is made. A volunteer fighting force of many species travels to the ship, and Trixy wishes to join hearts with everyone, which goes awry like all others, affecting the world instead of just those present. Everyone briefly links, feeling one another, especially those close to them, and a Pokémorph with a painful past but a caring trainer asking for strength. Jirachi's power is stolen for the duration of the wish, and a destructive battle takes place on the battleship. The unified force of humans, Pokémon, and Pokémorphs are victorious in defending the island. All unauthorized travel off the island is halted.
October 30, 2043
With many turncoats in their group, the Friends of Nature are exposed to be behind the attack on the island. The group publicly disbands, and some of the most ardent members go missing entirely. Travel restrictions are lifted. The island has a short workday with an award ceremony for all of those who contributed to the effort on the battleship.
November 2, 2043
A march from the western beach to city center is held to honor the fifty nine who died fighting on the battleship. A memorial for the deceased is held, and a monument is constructed in their honor where the Friends of Nature building once stood.
November 22, 2043
Reginald Yamakaze declares the self-sovereignty of Prism Island based on abandonment of Kanto military power and economic support, along with cultural identity reasons. Defensive aid from the Unovan military is requested out of concern for international repercussion over the announcement, which is granted. Trixy Twoheart becomes a household name because of media exposure, elevating her trainer and family back into the spotlight as well.
February 2, 2044
Professor Cayenne of Whirlwind Laboratories and Prism Island's Gym Leader is allowed to take himself and a group of humans, Pokémon, and Pokémorphs to the Unovan desert to explore places difficult to reach with just human and Pokémon ability alone. A large group comes to see them off, as the event is the first public allowance for Pokémorphs to leave the island in many decades not directly related to Plasma's cultural training in Castelia City.

Unovan Timeline


April 2022 
Team Plasma hacks into Team Rocket's computer systems as part of their work on accessing the world's Pokémon Storage Systems and gains access to the blueprints for Agent Armageddon.
June 2022 
Team Rocket finally notice the previous system intrusion. Only able to pin it down as coming from Unova, they dispatch a few small teams of one or two agents to investigate.
July 2022 
Alongside their other activities, Plasma's scientists begin to experiment with Agent Armageddon. After a first attempt results in a catastrophic and painful failure for the first test subject, N demands that the scientists work on improving the formula's success ratio and reducing the pain involved for the Pokémon undergoing morphing. This delays the project, much to the annoyance of Ghetsis, but the end result is an improved AA with far fewer side-effects compared to the original.
December 2022 
Thanks to the undercover nature of Plasma's operations, Team Rocket agents return to Kanto without discovering the source of their hack. They do, though, return with a few Unova Pokémon either stolen or caught. Most of which end up in the Second Generation morphing program.
January 2023 
The first successful trials take place and the first new Unova Pokémorphs are created. It is decided by the Sages that Pokémon should be invited to take part rather than in any way forced. The procedure is sold as 'Ascending', a way to free their bonds as slaves to their trainers by becoming equal, if not greater than them. Due to the much less painful process used and thanks to morphed Pokémon who do nothing but sing its praises to their unmorphed friends, uptake is high.
June 2023 
The Plasma morphing program goes into full swing, and includes both education and aptitude tests to find out their talents. Rather than purely training them for combat, morphs are given training in a very wide field of subjects. Secretly, Ghetsis intend to release them once they take over to take jobs around Unova and, through their trust and loyalty to the Team, act as spies on the population. Plasma also explain to the new Pokémorphs the perils of the Red Death, and that since pokéballs will be outlawed once all Pokémon are free, they ask them to stay hidden and help the Team in secret until it is safe for them to leave.
September 2024 
Having exhausted their own Pokémon, Team Plasma begin to steal other people's Pokémon under the guise of liberation. They are used to help build the hidden castle and eventually also brought into the morphing program or released to the wild.


February 2026 
Some disquiet is noticed in the Pokémorphs created from the stolen Pokémon. Their loyalty to their former masters still evident even after all they are given by Plasma. Fearing possible revolt as Team Rocket's did, Ghetsis hand-picks a few morphs whose aptitudes were in combat and bodyguard skills to become members of a Royal Guard and are told his true intentions. They train under the guidance of the Shadow Triad.
March 2029 
The last of the new Pokémorphs complete their transformation. Further morphing is placed on hold so that Plasma can begin its public operations and focus on obtaining the legendary dragon they need to capture the minds of the populace.
December 2030 
Team Plasma enacts the final stage of their plans, but are ultimately defeated by a Pokemon Trainer named Hilda. N leaves to explore the world, Ghetsis is taken into custody by the International Police. Upon exploring the castle, the police discover the created Pokémorphs who were waiting for instructions from Plasma to leave which had never come.


January 2031 
Ghetsis escapes the police with the help of the Shadow Triad. Attempts begin to integrate the new Pokémorphs in Unova society. With the more tolerant nature of the Unovan people, this appears to be a success.
Winter 2031 
As more and more Pokémorphs are begin working at human business establishments, they find on average that their pay is lower than their human colleagues. Protests occur for several months before finally laws are passed ensuring equal pay for humans and Pokémorphs.
Summer 2033 
At the Pokémon Center in Accumula Town, a terrible accident occurs when one 8-year-old Pokémorph is hospitalized after a Great Ball falls from a store shelf and hits her, attempting to capture her. Doctors work through the night, but she dies the following morning. Many Pokémorphs mourn the loss of one of their first morph-born children. Professor Aurea Juniper goes on TV in a public statement of regret and to remind all humans to be more careful with pokéballs.
Spring 2035 
Pokémorphs attempting to enter sporting contests in Nimbasa City are turned away on the grounds it would be unfair to their human competitors. In response, Pokémorphs start their own sporting competitions. Due to their more explosive performances, the Pokémorph sports were of interest to many kids and sporting fans looking for something new. Humans attempt to get in on what is quickly becoming a profitable business as managers, only to be turned away because the Pokémorphs want their entire organizations to be Pokémorph run and operated. Further arguments start and debates continue over fairness in both sport and other industries.
February 2038 
After almost a decade tensions begin to reach a breaking point, with protests and outbursts becoming more violent when ever they occur. Seeking a solution to this crisis, the Pokémorphs ask for a separate city to have to themselves. Unfortunately, habitable locations that could support such a sizable expanding population (and accounting for the time needed to properly construct such a home) simply do not exist in Unova, at least none that could be utilized in a timely fashion. At this time, Champion Alder suggests the idea of approaching Kanto to negotiate for relocating the Pokémorphs from Unova to Pokémorph Island, which is mutually agreed upon by both sides.
August 2038 
Several heated negotiation sessions later, Unova and Kanto come to an agreement. Unova will provide the transportation for the Pokémorphs to reach the Island, as well as give Kanto a substantial donation, in exchange for allowing the entire population of Unovan Pokémorphs to relocate to Pokémorph Island. The arrangements are made for a series of cruise ships will be chartered to transport them from Castelia City to Pokémorph Island, which are to be accompanied by the International Police.
September 2038 
Some controversy occurs when Pokémorphs with money from their positions in Unova charter private flights via Kanto to skip the long ocean ride. Kanto briefly objects to having Pokémorphs again on their soil until the International Police promise that they would oversee all transfers to sea planes to carry them for the second, shorter leg to Pokémorph Island. The flights are booked to take place around the same time that those traveling by ship will begin to arrive.
June 19, 2039 
The first Unova Pokémorphs arrive on Pokémorph Island.