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The Friends of Nature (most times abbreviated to FoN) are a group of humans (and, sometimes, their pokemon) who believe that pokemorphs are a mistake of nature. There are approximately fourty official members of the Friends of Nature on Pokemorph Island and several hundred on the mainland who dedicate their time and money to the FoN. They spread the word and belief that morphs should not exist in this world because they are not natural but were created by misguided humans.


Aaron Carlson is the most widely known founding member of the Friends of Nature. He lives on Pokemorph Island but his address isn't listed so just where his residence is isn't known. Other than the fact that he openly supports mass euthanasia of all Pokemorphs, not a lot is really public knowledge about his actual character.


The Friends of Nature receives donations from humans in Kanto and some on Pokemorph Island, but most of their funding comes from members themselves. In addition to money from their regular members, lot of FoN founders are stock market investors and involved in major companies.


The beliefs of members of the FoN vary greatly between members because of their personal education of and experiences with pokemorphs. Extremists might believe in torturing or murdering pokemorphs, however these are not acts that the Friends of Nature itself supports. The FoN's official core belief is that pokemorphs shouldn't exist and they work within the law to try to stop the continuation of pokemorphs.


Reports to the Mainland

One of the most intensive activities that keeps most FoN members busy is sending reports to the mainland about the state of Pokemorph Island and pokemorphs in general. There is a lot of skepticism from the island that these reports are biased against pokemorphs but since they are they only consistent, reliable reports from Pokemorph Island, many have grown to trust and/or listen to them.


Though there are no FoN members that are certified as therapists at the moment, most of the humans are willing to act as listeners and counselors for confused or depressed pokemorphs. This counseling service is free for pokemorphs of all ages, species, and generations and can be scheduled by visiting their office or calling their office number. Of course, as their goal is the eradication of pokemorphs, their suggestions to the pokemorphs are often to take themselves out of the world either by suicide or euthanasia.


The FoN's main form of getting rid of pokemorphs is voluntary euthanasia. Their Pokemorph Island office contains euthanasia equipment and they've used it on many pokemorphs over the years but each case is documented with official, signed paperwork and video evidence of the pokemorph in question agreeing that they want to be euthanized. This activity is now banned per the controversy and a recent law passed by the Governor.


Even though all euthanasia done by the Friends of Nature is voluntary, there has always been controversy about the act. Those who argue against say that the euthanasia, voluntary or not, is a form of killing. Those that consider pokemorphs as sentient and intelligent as human beings (most pokemorphs and a small fraction of humans) also point out that euthanasia is helping sentient beings to commit suicide.

At first, the controversy only sparked protests outside the FoN offices and minor disturbances involving FoN members being attacked by pokemorphs. However, the controversy reached a peak in late 2036 when the FoN office building on Pokemorph Island was vandalised by an unknown pokemorph. Tensions ran so high that on January 30th, 2037 Governor Carmell passed a law which outlawed the FoN's use of euthanasia. Many pokemorphs celebrated this law but and Friends of Nature took it relatively quietly, merely pointing out that 'only a pokemorph in power would pass such a law' and one member went on record as having said 'it's as if the pokemorphs are afraid of allowing even their own kind to decide for themselves'.


Pokemorph Island

The Friends of Nature have one office on Pokemorph Island itself, on East Oak Street between Main and Elm Streets. The building itself is small but looks classy, especially for that part of the city. The single floor containing a reception area, various offices, and a large euthanasia room, though the euthanasia room goes unused now per the Governor's recently passed law.


The FoN also have buildings in most major Kanto cities and a couple of cities in other regions. From the mainland they watch for pokemorph activity and inform the population about pokemorphs and why they should be eradicated.


July 9th, 2029 
The Alakazam Elementary School is bombed. At the same time, fliers were distributed, reading "Death to the genetic mistakes". Aaron Carlson, founder of the FoN, denies the FoN's involvement in the bombing, despite a recent increase of FoN activity on the island. News report and interview with Aaron Carlson here.
October 27th, 2035 
Myles Harris, a Friends of Nature member, is murdered. Catasis was apparently involved in the crime. Support of the Friends of Nature, particularly in Kanto, rises greatly. News report located here.
February 8th, 2036 
Protests take place outside the Friends of Nature building. Catasis appears, and a riot begins. There are few serious injuries, and one death. News report located here.
August 3rd, 2036 
The FoN building is vandalized by an unknown morph, the FoN is demands compensation and a public apology from the Pokemorphs who were responsible for what they deem as this act of open hostility. News report located here.
January 30th, 2037 
Governor Carmell passes a law, which outlaws the Friends of Nature's use of euthanasia.