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A Gardevoir activates Teleport. Image credit to Bulbapedia.

Video Game Effect

Use it to flee from any wild Pokémon. It may also be used to warp to the last Poké Center visited.

Pokemorph Effect

Teleport has a limited range, though it can still be used to travel quite far; up to 500 meters with practice. A Pokemorph may Teleport anywhere within this distance, but any esper with two brain cells to rub together is likely to choose locations they've already visited, to avoid Teleporting themselves into the middle of a tree or partiall through a brick wall. Espers with Teleport may also use the attack to move one other morph with them, though firm physical contact must be made. A Pokemorph may Teleport another 'morph without his consent, as long as physical contact is made; though with some effort, any 'morph may resist its effects.