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Team Rocket's Online Case Files

Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: none
Species: Umbreon-Morph

Make: Freebirth

Rank: Grunt

Primary Color: Black and gold

Height/Weight: 5'5"/112 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx Age: 19

Partner: None

Hair Color: Black/Lanvendar

Eye Color: Amber

Distinguishing Features: tends to have her hands wrapped in medical tape a lot
ATTACKS: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack, Growl, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray, Focus Energy, Faint Attack, Take Down, Mean Look, Screech, Moonlight TM/HM: Attract and Hidden Power
HISTORY: Originally born on the island, Talya joined the Team as a result of her capture during the party ambush. Despite being new, she has proven to be very effective and quite dedicated to her job. For now it's not known whether she envisions herself a Grunt all her life or is planning on moving up the ranks.