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The theme of Pokemorph MUSH is thought out and defined by Fault. His decisions and answers are law on Pokemorph MUSH and most be obeyed as such. All information on the website and the wiki is considered canon and finite in the Pokemorph MUSH world unless stated otherwise. Any questions about the theme that are not answered on the website or the wiki can be asked of any administrator online and on duty by page or @mail. Any suggestions to improve the theme or the MUSH in general can be emailed to

Pokemorph Life (IC)

Elemental Types
The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency
The Seafangs
Team Rocket
Team Dragon
Friends of Nature
Learning Attacks
Breeding and Move tutors
TM Cost List
Pokemorph Evolution
Pokemorph Timeline
Pokemorph History
The Pokemorph Camps
Identification Numbers
Pokemorph Inventions
Prism Island
Pokemorph Island Yellow Pages
Pokemorph Society
Technology and Weaponry
The Change
The Pokemorphic Timeline
Team Rocket
The TM/HM Cost List

Player Life (OOC)

Application Breakdown
Blank Application
Example Application
Frequently Asked Questions
Starting at the Beginning
What is a Pokemorph?
What is a MUSH?
Logging On With Potato MU
Logging On With MUSHclient
Guest Commands
How do I get a character?
When will I get a response to my application?
What do I do to roleplay?
MUSH Commands
Advanced Commands
Extra Commands
MUSH Etiquette
The Player & The Community
The Player & Other Players
The Player & Self
The Player & The Staff
Recommended Reading
How do I find information in the wiki?
How can I contribute to the wiki?
Becoming a user
Editing pages
Protected pages
Talk pages
Wiki suggestions
PMMWiki Suggestions
Pokemorph MUSH Rules
Restricted Species
Species Tally
Pokemorph Timeline
Archives and References