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Though the wizards coordinate the happenings of Pokémorph MUSH, they can do this most successfully if helped by you, the players! To this end, you can send in suggestions and ideas to -- This email is currently maintained by the PMM Staff team.

Feel free to e-mail any suggestions you have. These can include the following:

  • TinyPlot ideas - These can be big or small, and can be things you would like to run yourself or something to be overseen by the TinyPlot staff. Don't be afraid to suggest something that might have a large impact on the island, but also understand that such plots have to be considered carefully. TinyPlot ideas will be handled personally by Hope and Nidonocu.
  • Code and functionally improvements - Such as a new command to help you access some piece of information or a change to one of our existing softcode commands. All code ideas will be discussed with Tatikyas and/or NitroKing (when available).
  • Policy or rule changes - These we hope will be rare but will be considered carefully if you suggest them. Fault as always has final say on MUSH policy.
  • Large building projects - Larger ideas that might have an effect on the MUSH or the grid and larger buildings which you would like but don't wish to create yourself should be submitted here rather than the building board. As examples, a new fast-food joint is fine for the board. A huge new skyscraper hotel should probably be suggested first and discussed. All ideas will be discussed with Battie and the rest of the building team, along with other staff if required.
  • Other ideas or things we haven't thought of!

How to make a suggestion:

  • Write an e-mail outlining your suggestion as clearly as you can and send it to
  • Please include the name of the character you normally login as in the body of the e-mail so we can contact you. Anonymous suggestions will be ignored.
  • You will receive an automatic reply when your e-mail has been received. You will also be sent other e-mails as your suggestion is being processed and upon being accepted or rejected. You might also be e-mailed if we have trouble contacting you on the MUSH.
  • Please only put one type of suggestion in a single e-mail. It makes it easier to file them and ensure that every suggestion is processed. Feel free to send multiple e-mails if you have multiple ideas!