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Bronzor, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Most Steel-typed Pokemorphs bear the mark of their typing in various ways - metallic armor or plating over their body in some fashion or flesh, bone and skin that's a strange, flexible and dense blend of something that's not quite metal and not quite muscle as we know it. Steel-types are generally quite tough and sturdy sorts, with strong bones. Most Steel-morphs tend to, unsurprisingly, be heavier than you'd expect of a person of that size (though this isn't always true).

Many Steel-morphs have such a durable natural armor that they can deflect off standard weapons - including blades, blunt objects and even bullets. Being struck hard will still hurt, mind you, particularly if shot at close-range!

Steel-types have a mild sensitivity to contact magnets and magnetic fields - small magnets like those one might put on a refrigerator can stick to some Steel-morphs if touched to their hide (such as Probopass), but a Steeler won't attract stray bits of metal to himself. Only a dangerously powerful electromagnet can actually compel a Steel-type to move against their will - such as by the Magnet Pull ability.

Steel-types have defenses no other typing can hope to match - only five types can even hope to pierce their hides - and of those, only the intense heat of Fire energy, the focused destructive strikes of Fighting or the earth manipulation of Ground can stagger a Steel. Note that some Steel species possess the Levitate ability, allowing them to laugh off Ground attacks. Most Steel-morphs have high base defensive stats in addition to this.

Steel-morphs have a total immunity to Poison-typed attacks, including being Poisoned by any form of energy. They are also generally immune or highly resistant to mundane poisons or toxins, though some man-made chemicals have been known to bypass this immunity.

Offensively, Steel-types are less impressive - the metal energy preys on Ice and Rock, and notably, Steel is only one of two types that can cut down a Fairy. Thankfully, not many types actively resist this type of elemental power either. Most Steel attacks focus on physical damage, usually in the form of hardening or sharpening the user's body to increase damage.

Steel-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Fighting, Fire, Ground Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Electric, Fire, Steel, Water