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This is a guide of frequently asked questions almost every first-time player of Pokemorph MUSH immediately wonders about. Here we cover everything from basic beginning explanations to getting a response to an application. A full list of commands can be found on the MUSH Commands page and more about MUSH protocol can be found on the MUSH Etiquette page.

What is a Pokemorph?

To put it simply, a Pokemorph is a half human, half Pokemon hybrid, or an anthropomorphic Pokemon. If that didn't make sense, picture, if you will, a werewolf. Not the fuzzy wolf-man of old B movies, but rather the popular modern depiction: the general upright, two-legged body of a man, but with the features of a wolf--long muzzle, sharp teeth, fur, tail, clawed paws, etc. Now, rather than a wolf, picture a Pokemon. A Pikachu-morph, for example, would have the general shape of a human, though covered in yellow fur, with stripes across its back, as well as a Pikachu's facial features, including red electric cheek-sacs, as well as long ears, a lightning-bolt shaped tail, and paw-like feet, among other features. However, unlike werewolves, Pokemorphs remain in the same body all the time, and, for the most part, aren't feral. Notably, some Pokemorphs have human-like hair, most commonly on mammalian Pokemorphs, but occasionally on reptilian 'morphs, as well. Pokemorphs are much more resilient and powerful than humans, while infinitely more versatile than the Pokemon that they once were. Team Rocket trained all Pokemorphs in various combat techniques and styles, and most Pokemorphs were trained in additional abilities, such as reconnaissance, espionage, hacking, demolitions, etc.

What is a MUSH?

A MUSH is a text-based online world where many players are connected at the same time. Most MUSHes emphasize on roleplay: players create characters which represent inhabitants of this created world, and they RP their interactions with other characters, telling the story of their characters and of the world itself.

How to Connect

Telnet to to connect to Pokemorph MUSH.

A dedicated MU client, such as Potato MU Client or MUSHclient is highly recommended.

Logging On With Potato MU

  1. Download Potato MU from
  2. Install, then click on "File", then "Address Book," then "New World"
  3. Enter the Name or Title as "Pokemorph MUSH" (or whatever you like--it doesn't matter).
  4. For the Host or Site Address type in ""
  5. For the Port Number type in "2222"
  6. Hit "OK", "OK" again, and then close the world list.
  7. Connect to the MUSH by clicking on its name in the main window.

Now, any time you want to go on the MUSH, click on "File"->"Connect to"->"Pokemorph MUSH".

You will be able to log in as a guest by typing 'connect guest guest'. From there, you are able to talk on the guest channel and with the staff. However, to go onto the grid, you must first apply for a character.

Logging On With MUSHclient

  1. Download MUSHclient from
  2. Install, then click on "File", then "Global Preferences...", then click the Worlds tab in the Global Preferences window, then click the "Default world files directory..." button and select a new folder in a location that you will remember and be able to easily access, such as somewhere in your Documents, and then click "OK" to close folder selection dialog and "OK" again to close the Global Preferences window. Setting this file location is optional, but strongly recommended, as MUSHclient usually starts out saving worlds into a folder in its installation directory, which will cause them to end up in your local AppData folder, which may be difficult to find or access.
  3. Click on "File", then "New World..."
  4. Click No when prompted to Preload world defaults from an existing world. The Configuration window will then appear.
  5. Enter the World Name as "Pokemorph MUSH" (or whatever you like--it doesn't matter).
  6. Enter the TCP/IP Address as ""
  7. Enter the Port Number as "2222"
  8. Click the OK button at the bottom, which will prompt you to save the world. Name the file "PokemorphMUSH" (or whatever you like--again, it doesn't matter), and then save it, which will automatically open it up in the client window.
  9. If you don't automatically connect, click "Connection", then "Connect".

Now, any time you want to go on the MUSH, click on "File", then "Open World...", and select "PokemorphMUSH.mcl" (or whatever you named the file). If you don't automatically connect after opening the world file, just click "Connection", then "Connect".

You will be able to log in as a guest by typing 'connect guest guest'. From there, you are able to talk on the guest channel and with the staff. However, to go onto the grid, you must first apply for a character.

Guest Commands

This will bring up the list of currently connected characters. You'll see the staff members at the bottom, and their status. If it's 'On', go ahead and page them- they'll be happy to help you.
+guest <message> 
Typing this in lets you communicate on the guest channel. Example: +guest Hi! I'm new! This will post to the guest channel <Guest> Guest says, "Hi, I'm new!" Posing using ':' also works on channels.
look <object> 
This lets you see a description of a person, room, or object inside the room you're currently in. You can just use "look" to view the room you're in, you don't need its name.
+finger <name> 
This allows you to see information about player, such as race, faction, and a quote. It's useful to use to check if a name is available for you to apply for.
If you have time while waiting for an app to be processed, feel free to read the bulletin boards! Type +bbread to get a list of all the boards on the MUSH. +bbread # will show you a particular board's messages. +bbread #/# will show you a particular message. Example: +bbread 4/14 will show the message about the Roleplay Request Channel. The most important boards to skim through would be the News Reports and the Announcements.
This logs you off.

How do I get a character?

To get a character all you need to do is to fill out an application and email it to It is highly recommended that you read up on the theme of PMM before applying so no time is wasted on creating your character. If you have any questions you can connect to the MUSH as a guest and ask any of the staff or Guest Helpers (all connected to the Guest channel) and any would be happy to answer anything.

Life After Applying

Main article: Life After Applying

We also have a guide that can be read after this one that is solely designed for regular players of Pokemorph MUSH and the questions they wonder about after getting accepted. This guide covers how to ask for roleplay.