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Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: Chi-Theta
Species: Glaceon-Morph

Make: Second Generation

Team: None

Primary Color: Ice Blue/Navy

Height/Weight: 6'0"/169 lbs

Gender: Male

Approx Age: 17-18

Rank/Partner: None/None

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: one his antennae-forelocks is dyed teal
Residence: His ranch house
ATTACKS: Tackle, Tail whip, Helping Hand, Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Last Resort, Mirror Coat, Hail, Blizzard; TMs: Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball; Egg Move: Trump Card
HISTORY: Captured from a trainer visiting Kanto, Solixis underwent the Second Generation Change. He took naturally to espionage and hacking during training. He escaped during an espionage mission in Johto by using on of the electronic signal scramblers that he was given. He presumably either destroyed his communications device, or he repurposed it, removing the locator signal. He currently lives in a small ranch house in the Residential area with his Mawile, Thextmaw.