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Golem, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Similar but different from Ground-Types, Rock-typed morphs associate with - you guessed it - rock, in all forms from pebbles to bedrock. It's also the type most associated with the ancient world and fossil Pokémon/morphs, as every revived fossil Pokémon is part Rock. Most Rock-types are built quite sturdily, with large shells or thick, craggy and literally stony armor, or dense, tough hide. The more stone-like 'morphs can even erode or chip over time or via combat, though they also re-grow their stony armour just as flesh heals and scars. Because of this, like Steel-Types, Rock-morphs have a great natural resistance to mundane weapons like blades and even bullets.

It's almost impossible for many Rock-types to swim, since their dense and heavy body structures tend to cause them to, well, sink like a rock. Further, becoming soaked or immersed in for prolonged periods has the potential to marginally weaken a Rock-morph's hide without a second typing to offer resistance. Many Rock-morphs have an instinctive aversion to even non-elementally charged water that can rival some Fire-types; and in extreme cases, a fear of even getting wet. A bizarre exception are the fossil Pokémon Anorith and Armaldo, who adapted to live and hunt underwater, despite still retaining an elemental weakness to Water-types.

Rock-types tend to have superior Defense stats and high Attack, though they tend to lack in the Special Attack department (which is just as well, as nearly all Rock-type attacks are physical). They are weak to five types, and Grass and Water attacks are truly fearful, as many Rock-types are also paired with the Rock typing. Likewise, being paired with Steel makes them particularly vulnerable to Ground-type attacks, but their high defenses can help to mitigate this somewhat.

Attacks of the Rock typing mostly consist of creating rocks from matter using energy and hurling them at foes in various forms - though existing rocks in an area can be used for such assaults if they are available. Alternatively, some attacks harden or sharpen parts of an attacker's body for added power in an offensive move, or harness the power of prehistoric times.

Rock-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel