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Welcome returning player! We missed you!

Be it a year, or a decade, we are always happy to see someone come back and join us again for more adventures.

How to Reconnect

Main article: Starting at the Beginning

First things first! Go download a MUSH Client again and reconnect as a Guest or an old character! If you can't remember your character details, jump down below for information on how to retrieve passwords or recreate an idle purged/deleted character.

What you've missed

Main article: Pokemorph Timeline

A simplified overview of the history of Prism Isle and the twenty years of history the game has encapsulated. Jump to the last big event you recall and go from there! For more extensive details you can also look at Mostly Complete Timeline, but we suggest you start with the basic version first.

What's New in PMM?

Main article: What's New

New and recent changes to PMM! Both ICly and OOCly in relation to the game.

How to retrieve an old character

If you are are wanting to retrieve a password or entire character you have lost, email PMM at (***) with details about the character in question. If you still have the original application, even better! We can very easily retrieve characters in this method. Just resend it in.

Alternatively you can log onto the Guest channel and page an On Duty Staff member about the same thing and we'll do our best to retrieve the information for you.

You will need to provide some sort of proof that the character was yours. An original email address that the app was sent with is a good place to start.