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This is a list of recommended reading to help you create or flesh out a character. It is especially useful for the application process. If you are new to the MUSH you also want to be sure to go over the Pokemorph MUSH Rules and if you have any questions they might already be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions area.


Main article: Application

This page is a good place to start, even if you're not ready to write a full application yet. The questions throughout the application are what you want to start figuring out for your character. Not only their history but what they think of Team Rocket and if the were in it at one point, etc. The tips for each section on the application are also helpful and thought provoking. There is also an example application written by Gab you can use for reference.

Restricted Species List

Main article: Restricted Species

You can check this list to see if your character's species is restricted on the MUSH or not. Some of the species are restricted to only be Second Generation or Freebirths but a lot of others are fully restricted and can't be applied for on the MUSH at the time. To save time for everyone involved it is probably the best idea to not worry about species you can't apply for.

Species Tally

Main article: Species Tally

If you want to check to see how many other characters already on the MUSH are the same species as yours you can take a look at this list. This can also be called up on the MUSH with the command +find. If more than ten characters are belonging to a species then that species gets put on the Restricted Species list.


Main article: The Pokemorphic Timeline

A huge help in creating and expanding the history of your character is to look closely over the official timeline. This timeline only consists of the largest events in pokemorph history rather than the little things, but it gives you a chronological view of how pokemorphs were created.

Pokemorph History

Main article: Pokemorph History

This page expands upon some of the events in the timeline and gives you more of a quick lesson on why and how pokemorphs were created, treated, and came to live on Pokemorph Island. It also includes an explaination of the different generations pokemorphs can fall under.

Pokemorph Island

Main article: Pokemorph Island

Pokemorph Island is where the MUSH takes place and where all of the pokemorphs have taken up residence. Knowing the layout of the city and surrounding area of Pokemorph Island is useful for writing into an application.

Life as a Pokemorph

Main article: Elemental Types

Life differs from pokemorph to pokemorph, but one thing they all share is their elemental types. Reading over your character's elemental type can help you understand what living day in and day out with their element is like. The page gives clear advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Pokemorph Society

Main article: Pokemorph Society

Pokemorph society is similar to human society but differs in many ways. This page explains the differences and how pokemorphs live their daily lives including information about how relationships are handled, what type of technology exists on Pokemorph Island, and many other things.


Main article: Factions

The various factions operating on Pokemorph Island (the Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, Team Rocket, the Seafangs and the Friends of Nature) all maintain different goals. It is a good idea to look into each of these groups and decide how your character would react to them and if they have ever had any history with them.