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Kadabra, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Psychic-typed Pokemorphs (slang: Espers) rival Ghosts in the enigmatic nature of their powers and very being, stemming purely from the realm of the mind. Most species of Psychic-type trade off their exceptional mental abilities by being comparatively physically weak. Some espers condition both the mind and body to counterbalance this.

Mental focus and calm is absolutely essential for the precise control and power of Psychic abilities, particularly the more subtle ones like mind-reading. On the other hand, an emotionally-charged esper can use destructive attacks more easily, though she sacrifices fine control. Psychic-morphs have indeed earned their reputation for a high tendency to suffer from mental illnesses, likely as a direct result of their inherent mental abilities. Espers also tend to be cleverer than most other typings, but true geniuses are rare even among Psychic-morphs, and there are many Psychics of average or lower intelligence.

Use of mental abilities and attacks is just as draining as physical activity and even burns calories - the brain is a muscle of sorts, at least for espers! Most Psychic attacks create a visible glow; the most common manifested color is blue-violet, but it can appear anywhere in the visible light spectrum, and tends to vary by individual. In the case of all abilities, of course, the infamous GAP Fields block all psychic abilities if one is in effect between the esper and a target, including attack moves as well as telepathy/mind-reading, telekinesis and ESP.

One of Psychic's most notorious abilities, mind-reading, has its effect largely determined by the recipient. Surface thoughts are often easy to read, but these are generally mundane things like "I'm going to miss the next bus" or "Remember to get more milk on the way home". While some 'open-minded' targets are simple, others can be far harder to crack. The reading of surface thoughts or emotions (with telepathy) is usually felt by the target only as a gentle tickle like a sneeze coming on, but if a Psychic-type tries to probe any deeper, the effects are obvious to the target. It's rather easy for a target to resist attempts at having his mind being read, and barriers are often erected in a target's mind as an unconscious resistance. In order to effectively probe someone's mind, preparation is needed on behalf of the esper - generally in the form of convincing a target to submit to the reading, or weakening the target's will. It takes a Psychic-morph of exceptional power to push through any resistance she may meet, and it's often dangerously draining for the esper.

ESP, or extra-sensory perception, is a passive ability possessed by almost all Psychic-types in varying degrees of strength. When ESP is used, the position(s) of other life can be detected beyond physical sight's reach, including through visual and even physical barriers. However, GAP fields block this sensory ability and Dark-Types are invisible to espers due to their natural immunity. If an esper is thinking very 'loudly', it's possible for a fellow 'listening' Psychic-morph nearby to pick up his thoughts. It is possible for a non-esper to learn how to think 'loudly' so that a Psychic friend can 'hear' it, but it does take some practice, and be warned that any Psychic-morph in the area can also 'hear' them, too! A non-esper cannot 'hear' a Psychic's thoughts unless she specifically directs them at the target, and a non-esper can easily learn to block unwanted telepathy directed his way. The range on both ESP and telepathy are within a few hundred meters at best, and all Dark-types are undetectable by ESP and telepathy due to their natural immunity.

Telekinesis is another ability that doesn't require a specific attack or ability to initiate. The rule of thumb is that a Psychic-type cannot move or lift with telekinesis anything that they could not move or lift physically - the advantage, of course, with telekinesis is that it can be done at range and without actually touching the object. Exceptionally strong psychics can exceed this amount to a very small extend - generally within the range of 50 lbs over; not to ridiculous levels, you won't see cars being tossed around on the island telekinetically. The range of telekinesis is line of eye)sight - if you can't see it, you can't grab it.

The rare ability of seeing the future is available to any esper that has the Future Sight move in their repertoire, though the species Xatu is particularly adept. However, the future is never precise - the visions are never set in stone, and few espers are unable to see the future beyond an hour or two. Often the very act of observing the future changes it. Another rarely-used ability is the power of illusion- but like the Ghost-Types, Psychics can only produce minor seemings that can be shattered with minor skeptic observation. And the most feared Psychic ability, that of controlling a person's mind or actions, requires such an incredible amount of power and energy that it remains only in the realms of legend.

Almost all Psychic attacks utilize straight-up Psychic power morphed into beams or blasts, but one or two do involve using Psychic energy to become a physical augmentation for an attack. The non-damaging sort of attacks in this type (which are numerous) can have extremely devious, unusual effects that can rarely be replicated by any other typing, such as temporarily copying or switching intrinsic things such as an opponent's ability or their strength. Fighting-Types, with their focus on the physical, are highly vulnerable to an esper's mind-based Psychic assaults; Poison-Types also find themselves helpless under the assault of a Psychic blast.

Dark-types are the bane of Psychics, as they are effectively invisible to all Psychic-energy attacks and abilities (the exception being if the Dark-Type is under the effect of Miracle Eye). To a lesser extent, the attacks of the ethereal Ghosts and the humble Bug-Types can give an esper cause to fear, but at least they aren't immune to counterattack.

Psychic-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Bug, Dark, Ghost Fighting, Psychic Fighting, Poison Dark (immune), Psychic, Steel