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Welcome to a quick overview history of Pokemorphs in the Pokemon world that PMM exists within.

For a considerably more detailed and extensive version of this history, please go to Mostly Complete Timeline if you would like more than just this general overview of important events that have happened in regards to; Prism Island's current history, the creation of Pokemorphs by Team Rocket and the creation of the Unovan Pokemorphs.

All years referred to are in game years, with the current year being 2048.


The First Pokemorph

In December 2005, the first successful Pokemorph is created in a Team Rocket lab using Agent Armageddon. Within a year there are ten surviving Pokemorphs, including the first Freebirths.


Rocket Camps

Work on the Rocket Camp finishes, located on islands East of the Indigo Isles. Along with the staff and future morphing capacity, all existing Pokemorphs are shipped to these new locations and intensive training begins. Pokemorphs are starved, beaten, and tortured into loyalty to Team Rocket, forced into speaking English, and are exposed to brutal combat training.


Pokemorph War

After escaping the Team Rocket Camp, Aquana, a Vaporeon-morph gains the assistance of the Pokemon League and it's Elite to liberate the Pokemorphs still trapped in the camps. The fighting is brutal and there are many casualties on all sides. As the war comes to a close, nearly a year later, with loses increasingly heavier on the Rocket side, they realise they can not maintain their hold over the Pokemorph population and resort to bombing the entire chain of islands. Everyone scrambles to evacuate as over half the First Generation Pokemorph population is destroyed.



After the War, Pokemorphs are let free on the world to mostly disastrous results. Many towns and cities are scared of Pokemorphs and their violent history and attempt to drive them away. Trainers are found attempting to capture Pokemorphs like normal pokemon, resulting in accidental injuries and death due to Pokeball technology being incompatible with Pokemorph biology. It is an uneasy time for the recently freed First Generation pokemorphs.


Second Generation Begins

Despite the loss of the island facilities and the majority of First Generation Pokemorphs, Team Rocket continues the Pokemorph Project. The morphing process is further refined and the Second Generation is created. These Pokemorphs are not put through the same vigorous ordeals as their First Generation brethren. This time Pokemorphs are treated more like Agents than weapons of destruction. The entire program is parred back considerably so as not to get the same disastrous uprising results as the First Generation.

It takes but a few years before some of these new agents start disappearing from the ranks of Team Rocket to their own freedom through various means.


Pokemorph Island

Prism Island, an area located south of the Kanto region, has been suffering a major economic downturn for some time. With most of the human population having vacated the island and the Pokemon League dealing with increasingly strenuous relations with the free Pokemorphs roaming the regions they take over the island and allocate it as a safe haven for all Pokemorphs. The Island is renamed 'Pokemorph Island', despite the protests of the small remaining human population as ferries begin bringing Pokemorphs to the island.


Team Rocket Stolen Tech

As part of their operation to access the world's Pokemon Storage Systems, Team Plasma hacks into Team Rocket's computer network and discovers the blueprints for Agent Armageddon. Team Rocket attempts to uncover the source of the security breach, but finds no relevant information, other than the potential of it originating in the Unovan region. With their further attempts at locating information in Unova ultimately leading nowhere, Team Rocket returns to their home base with nothing more than some Unovan Pokemon.


First Unovan Morphs

Alongside their other activities, Plasma's scientists begin to experiment with Agent Armageddon. After a first attempt results in a catastrophic and painful failure for the first test subject, N demands that the scientists work on improving the formula's success ratio and reducing the pain involved for the Pokémon undergoing morphing. This delays the project by more than six months, much to the annoyance of Ghetsis, but the end result is an improved AA with far fewer side-effects compared to the original. As the first Unovan Pokemorphs are created, it is decreed by the Sages that Pokemon should be invited to voluntarily take part in the process, rather than being subjected to it against their will. The procedure is sold as 'Ascending', a way to free their bonds as slaves to their trainers by becoming equal, if not greater than them. Due to the much less painful process used and thanks to morphed Pokémon who do nothing but sing its praises to their unmorphed friends, uptake is high.

Rather than purely training them for combat, morphs are given training in a very wide field of subjects. Plasma also warns the newly created Pokemorphs about the perils of pokeballs, given the ominous moniker of the "Red Death". However, reassured that all pokeballs will swiftly be outlawed once all Pokemon are free, the morphs are asked to remain hidden, assisting the Team in secret until it is safe for them to leave and roam freely.


Team Plasma Stops Morphing Pokemon

The last of the new Pokémorphs complete their transformation in Unova. Further morphing is placed on hold so that Plasma can begin its public operations and focus on obtaining the legendary dragon they need to capture the minds of the populace.


Friends of Nature

Friends of Nature establish themselves on Prism Island, giving Pokemorphs the option to 'reverse the mistake' that Team Rocket made of them via voluntary euthanasia.


Team Rocket Base Destroyed

A number of Pokemorphs take action and begin a raid on the offshore Team Rocket base south of the Island, culminating in its destruction. No attempt is made to locate the perpetrators, and as a result of the destruction, the surrounding area is left contaminated by toxic chemicals. Rocket is assumed to be wiped out, and any remaining members are offered amnesty by the Island's government.

Hydra Created

Hydra is formed, and begins advertising for members as violent and strange occurrences continue to happen on Prism that many believe are the actions of a reborn Team Rocket.


Plasma Morphs Integrate with Unova

Team Plasma enacts the final stage of their plans, but are ultimately defeated by a Pokemon Trainer named Hilda. Upon exploring the castle, the International Police discover the created Pokémorphs who were waiting for instructions from Plasma to leave which had never come. Attempts begin to integrate the new Pokémorphs in Unova society. With the more tolerant nature of the Unovan people, this appears to be a success.

New Rocket Base

With the destruction of the old Team Rocket base off of Prism Island, planning and construction proceeds to make a more covert Team Rocket Base within Prism itself. Burried deep under the city the underground HQ becomes the center of all operations for many years to come.


The Volcano

A massive battle is fought by powerful Pokemon/Pokemorphs over Prism island which results in the island's volcano reactivating. But in a true testament of power the lava flow is diverted to the ocean by a group of Pokemorphs, saving the city from destruction. Along with the island's mountain losing it's top, West Beach is made into ruins. Many of the islands residents work together to repair the extensive damage that has been done.


Hydra becomes Public

After Caramell Sagiko (A Lopunny-Morph, also the head of the Pokemorph Intelligence Agency) is appointed to Governor status after the death of her predecessor, the anti-Rocket organization Hydra creates a public branch and begins to work hand-in-hand with the PIA.

FoN made Impotent

A new law passes, barring the Friends of Nature from providing euthanasia services, effectively making FoN impotent in their ability to enact their main purpose.


Unovan Morphs Come to Prism

After almost a decade, tensions begin to reach a breaking point in Unova, with protests and outbursts becoming more violent when ever they occur. Seeking a solution to this crisis, the Pokémorphs ask for a separate city to have to themselves. With a location unable to be agreed upon within the region, the current Champion negotiates for relocating the Pokémorphs from Unova to Prism Island. Once details are agreed upon, it is not long before the Unovan morphs begin arriving on Prism through various means to start their new lives. It is a very different feeling to when the First Generation took their first steps onto the island. As the Unovan morphs are by and large more comfortable with their humanesque lifestyles, many arrive onto Prism Island with skills and resources that those already established on the Island are sorely lacking.


Pokemorph Island Renamed

Pokemorph Island is officially returned its previous title of Prism Island by Luxray-Morph, Governor Reginald Highwind's decree.

Hydra Disbands

For unknown reason, the anti-Rocket organisation, Hydra, disbands. It's public facility closes it's doors for the last time and have not opened since.


Team Rocket Disbands

The underground Rocket Base is discovered and destroyed, causing considerable damage to areas of the city that were sitting directly over the base. To avoid causing any further panic to the residents, the event is reported as an "earthquake" that had struck the island. With the destruction of this base, Team Rocket is effectively disbanded, ceasing any and all Pokemorph specific operations on Prism Island. The few remaining loyal agents disappear into the unknown, and the brief attempts at forming splinter groups are quickly dissolved due to lack of momentum.

Team Plasma Arrives

A new Team Plasma, true to the original message of peace and prosperity, arrives on the Island to spread a message of goodwill and assist with social welfare and repair efforts. They are met with mixed emotions; and Plasma is on the Island barely a week before their headquarters are mysteriously burned to the ground.

Undeterred by efforts to chase them away, the intrepid do-gooders of Team Plasma reopens the long-closed Rainbow Park, now renovated in the Plasma Park.


Liberated Generation

Team Plasma finishes morphing the first of two volunteer Pokémon using an improved version of Plasma's process in their new Prism Island facility. The procedure is a rousing success, and the new morphs start a generation titled Liberated. The process is opened to other Pokémon in Plasma as well as the wider island.

Rocket's Last Hurrah

Plasma becomes aware of a plot against the island by remaining fragments of Team Rocket, and prepares countermeasures and defenses at important landmarks. The last dregs of Team Rocket emerges to attack the island including the PIA HQ and Radio Tower. During the attack, a powerful telepathic control takes hold of a large portion of the island, affecting nearly half of the populous. Team Rocket takes advantage of the chaos to run a scorched earth campaign of looting and wrecking the island. PIA, Team Plasma, and civilian volunteers work together to take back the island and defeat Team Rocket for the last time.


HeartSoul Moment

A battleship arrives at the island after it's discovered that Jirachi is taking refuge on Prism, destroying Plasma's seafaring vessels on the way. An ultimatum to surrender Jirachi or have the island leveled by missiles is made. During these events Trixy Twohearts wishes to join hearts with everyone, which goes awry like all of Jirachi's wishes, affecting the world instead of just those present. For a short period of time everyone links together, feeling one another, especially those close to them. The unified force of humans, Pokémon, and Pokémorphs are victorious in defending the island against the battleship.

Friends of Nature Disbands

Friends of Nature are exposed to be behind the attack on the island. The group publicly disbands, and some of the most ardent members go missi


Alolan Adventures

Alola holds a free raffle whose entry is extended to the Pokemorphs on Prism Island. After winning tickets, a group of morphs set out for island adventures. The excursion is a great success as the morphs create good relations with various Alolan entities. On return to Prism, both nations encourage further travel between the islands by their respective residents.


Team Dragon

Team Dragon has began to raise it's head in the vacuum of organised crime. A small group of smugglers and pushers looking to make a name for themselves on the streets of Prism, they've purchased their first warehouse and ocean trawler, ready to build their business to granduer.


Current Year

Prison Escape

In the early hours of a January morning during a disastrous Ballooning adventure, explosions occurred at Prism Island's Correctional Facility. Within an hour, well over a hundred of Prism Island's most dangerous and notorious 'bad guys' had escaped into the general populace of the island. Attempts to apprehend the criminals by the PIA has been mostly unsuccessful.