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Due to their widely varying physiologies, body types (and sizes), not to mention elemental abilities, Pokemorphs could casually break technology that human beings would otherwise find nearly indestructible. Take something simple, like a metal faucet in a bathroom. Even this could be considered a hazard. When touched by an Electric-Type, their electricity might pass through the metal towards a ground, damaging or igniting materials in contact with the pipe. Naturally, this would be a Bad Thing. Another example are doorknobs: the temperature could vary wildly depending on who or what last passed by.

So naturally, as the island became populated, a number of changes were made. Some items were rebuilt to better suit and withstand their owners, and some completely new inventions sprang up as well.

This is but a short list of notable inventions, not at all completely inclusive (the list could stretch for miles...) nor even the most or least important!

However. The most notable invention, although perhaps not the most important, is:

The Soft-spring Door

A door with a quiet arrangement of springs, such that the door does not rapidly slam shut on the tail of those passing through it. Nearly all of the doors on the island have these, and many a 'Morph still complains when their tail gets caught. However, door-related fractures rapidly declined during the adoption period. Many improvements have been made to the soft-spring door over the years, but not all buildings have adopted the doors--mostly due to budget reasons. (Annual door replacements, it seems, are not common in any part of the world, not even Pokemorph Island.) Cool Kicks Ice Cream is notorious for having the oldest, most painful model of spring door.

Reduced-scent Paint

It took relatively few houses, and only two Smeargle to realize that paint is quite smelly. Subsequently, this stuff was invented. There isn't much to say about it. For a good estimate of how strong it smells, provided you're human, sniff a can of paint. Imagine how much stronger it is to the more sensitive noses of Pokemorphs. Obviously, proper ventilation is required when painting homes, but this stuff keeps whole sections of city from being uninhabitable.


Fire and fabric do not mix well. Swimsuits that absorb pieces of skin are also bad. There's been more inventions in the area of clothing in the past 30 years than in all of human history to fit the unique anatomy of Pokemorphs, including clothing cut for wings and tails, and wardrobes of flame-retardant fabrics.


Pokemorph Island has a national health care system. This isn't unusual, considering the sort of injuries Pokemorphs can inflict on each other--paying out of one's own pocket would be enough to kill. Notable inventions in the field of medicine are sound-based defibrillators, needle-screw syringes for rock and steel types (less painful than they sound), and the XL-size vitamin pill.

It may be worth noting that chemical cleaners are NOT often used, due to the very things that would otherwise make them useful. Due to their volatility, chemical cleaners could rapidly ignite without warning, and can also damage the keen senses of those working with them. Their sheer potency also poses a problem, especially in environments with Bug and Grass-type Pokemorphs. This may all be for the better anyway, as it isn't difficult to think of creative sterilization methods for those with elemental abilities. Again, much caution is taken.