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Sketch of the PIA officer badges, designed by Fault

The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, usually abbreviated to the much shorter 'PIA', works as the Island's police-type force. Their officers enforce the peace as well as the laws of the Island, including the much protested illegal possession of firearms.

How to get in

The PIA are one of the default teams available for joining by new characters, and as such, one can join simply by directly apping a character who is already part of the team. If a character wishes to join at a later date, however, this can be accomplished by asking any on-duty wizstaff, as well as giving a short description of why they would like to join. Entrance requirements are lenient, and only ludicrously inappropriate characters are likely to be denied.

Apped characters may begin at any rank from Arbiter to below, providing sufficient backstory. Characters who join at a later date will always begin at rank Officer and must be promoted manually.

To leave the PIA, one need only contact an on-duty wizard, and no reason for leaving is required.

How to get promoted

There is no hard, official policy for promotions. However, barring a better system made some day far in the distant future, promotions may be achieved by first getting a recommendation by one or more other active members of the PIA, who in turn may give these recommendations to the Commissioner or PIA StaffWiz for review. The number of recommendations needed is more or less directly proportional to the standing of those peers and how the reviewer feels at that particular moment.

Still, it's more progressive than Team Rocket.


These are the current ranks of the PIA, ordered least to greatest.

Junior Officer
Lackies, interns, gofers. Junior Officers exist to fetch coffee, make copies, and do other annoying things that nobody wants to do. On the other hand, Junior Officers are not expected to put their lives in danger, and usually don't have responsibilities beyond assistant busywork.
The default rank ("Grunts"). Officers do a little of everything, and aren't particularly adept at anything. They go on patrols, get drafted for rank-and-file operations, and help other units as applicable.
This is a blanket term for three different positions within the PIA. All specializations are considered equal rank. See list below for specific titles and job duties for this rank.
Because every team needs an "Elite." Arbiters act as low rank symbols of authority, and are considered 'Special Forces.' Although their actual use may vary, Arbiters are considered to have either knowledge of all three specializations, or to particularly excel at one.
Chief of Specialization
Head of their squads, Chiefs control every aspect of their chosen specialization. Although they are mostly expected to focus on their own divisions, Chiefs have clearance to command all other units as well. Chiefs are hand picked by the Commissioner.
This is Carmell. She's in charge of everything within the PIA.

Specialization Titles

Covers all usage of PIA intelligence. Forensics, detective work, etc. Investigators work with evidence to incriminate criminals, and are often seen as the PIA smart guys.
Winner of 'Most Ironic Police Rank' six years running. Peacekeepers keep the peace by smacking people who aren't peaceful. Occasionally referenced as the island's SWAT, they are the combat specialists, and primarily respond to threats to island safety.
Administrators cover the paperworking 'law' side of the law. They act as judges, keep records, occasionally drown people in red tape, and make sure things are validated and official. Administrators also work with all the governor things that a government would probably have, at least for the duration of the Commissioner's tenure as Governor.