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Evolutionary Triggers

Just as their Pokemon predecessors, Pokemorphs can and do evolve, although the circumstances and process is generally very different. Each use a “trigger” to start the process. In Pokemon, this could mean by leveling up, elemental stones, trading, friendship, environment, or items. The following are the key differences between those triggers and the equivalent for Pokemorphs.

Leveling Up

Pokemorphs do not level up in the way that Pokemon do. True, they get more powerful with training, but there is no number system that is really comparable. As such, Rare Candy and other move-boosting items are ineffective. Instead, Pokemorphs whose base species would normally evolve by leveling, evolve with training and an emotional trigger or an immediate need. For example, being put in under an extreme amount of stress; i.e. forced into a fight-or-flight situation, or even a college student flunking finals. Not all emotional triggers need involve fighting or physical conflict!

Elemental Stones

For those Pokemon who evolve with an elemental stone, a Pokemorph similarily only need to have direct contact with a compatible stone for a few seconds before evolution takes place. No strong emotions or adrenaline are needed for this evolution to take place. If multiple stones are used, whichever made contact first would take precedence. Once a stone is used, it cannot be used again. Because of this, they are usually expensive, but available at several locations on the island.


Since Pokemorphs are not traded between trainers in same way Pokemon are, all that needs to happen to trigger this specific evolution type is for a major change in their life to occur. For example, quitting a Team or making a career change could induce evolution, as would losing a loved one or even moving to a different location.


Similar to Pokemon who evolve by friendship, a Pokemorph’s evolution may be trigged by reaching a genuine state of happiness. Pokemorphs are not limited to happiness, however; evolution can be trigged through any strong emotional response such as extreme joy, anguish, rage, display or loyalty, terror, or through kinship, etc. If a friendship-evolving Pokemorph goes through a very strong emotional shift, evolution could occur.


Under the right environmental conditions, some Pokemon are spurred into evolution. An Eevee-Morph, for example, could evolve into an Espeon were they to be triggered by any of the above stress-related methods during the daytime. Likewise, an Eevee-Morph going through an emotional, life-altering, or immediate need situation during the night could evolve into Umbreon. The same goes for those Pokemorphs who evolve at certain places, such as the Moss or Ice Rock, both of which can also be found on Pokemorph Island. They just have to be at the right place and right time when their evolution is triggered to get the desired effect.


Pokemorphs such as Porygon require an item to evolve. Similar to the environmental evolution, they need only to be carrying that item and go through a trigger to evolve. A Porygon-Morph, for example, would need only to be carrying Upgrade when a trigger situation occurs for the evolution to take place.

The Evolution Process

In all cases of evolution in Pokemorphs, the process is extremely painful. The reason for this is because the Pokemon portion of the DNA is used to power the evolution, but the human half is not readily equipped to dealing with such a rapid change. As such, evolution typically lasts longer than that of a normal Pokemon, and the regeneration process of the cells is, as previously mentioned, extremely painful.

Fortunately, the adrenaline required for most evolutionary triggers assists in helping a Pokemorph’s body to survive and recover from the shock. Because of this, Pokemorphs that evolve with the use of an Elemental Stone often feel even more pain than others.

The process itself varies in length and severity, but most Pokemorphs evolve in less than a minute, and recover within fifteen minutes. Although this largely depends on an individual’s pain threshold, it is not uncommon for a Pokemorph in battle to evolve and then continue fighting if necessary within a few moments. The pain experienced is similar to that of The Change, though is not as intense and does not usually render the Pokemorph unconscious or immobile. The feeling is often described as “burning” or “tearing,” and many are sore and disoriented for days afterward. However, they do not normally need to be hospitalized to overcome the effects.

Some evolutions can also create unique problems for Pokemorphs, particularly those with pupal stages in their evolutions (such as Pupitar or Cascoon); such evolutionary stages can leave a Pokemorph immobile and even catatonic.

Resisting Evolution

Pokemorphs, much like Pokemon, can sometimes resist evolution. The most popular and safest way is by obtaining an Everstone and keeping it on one’s person at all times. Some enterprising Morphs have made their careers on crafting stylish jewelry and other accessories featuring this stone so that those who choose to avoid the painful process of evolution and stay the way they are can carry an Everstone reasonably and fashionably.

Other methods include working up a strong will to resist the evolutionary trigger. While this works for some, each time the evolutionary trigger is set, it is that much harder to resist. In the end, nearly all eventually succumb to evolution. Unfortunately, there is no “B” button on Pokemorphs.


One thing to keep in mind is that when a Pokemorph evolves, it keeps the same attacks that it had previously. That is, an Eevee who evolves into a Jolteon does not automatically get all of Jolteon’s attacks.

Getting Your Character Evolved

When your character has gone through evolution, you will need to have your +finger/profile changed accordingly. The process is simple:

  1. Log the roleplay in which your character evolves.
  2. Edit this log so that it just has the poses leading up to the evolution, the evolution itself, and a couple of poses afterward. No OOC chatter, please.
  3. Write a new description (which you can apply to yourself) and note any +finger/profile information that will need to be changed, including species, height, weight, etc.
  4. Email these to apps@pokemorph.com with the subject heading "PMMUSH Evolution - (Character's name)", replacing (Character's name) with, of course, the character who has evolved. Please post everything within the e-mail, do not send the evolution log as an attachment.

Staff will review the evolution log, typically every Sunday as per applications. If you have any further questions about the process of getting your character evolved, please contact an on-duty staff member.