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Team Rocket's Online Case Files

Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: none
Species: Murkrow-Morph

Make: Second Generation

Rank: Other

Primary Color: Deep Purple

Height/Weight: 5'6"/130 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx Age: 28

Partner: None

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Distinguishing Features: shiny with deep purple feathers
ATTACKS: Astonish, Pursuit, Haze, Wing Attack, Night Shade, Assurance, Taunt, Faint Attack, Mean Look, Sucker Punch (Bred: Featherdance, Perish Song TMs: Captivate, Protect)
HISTORY: An unassuming and hardworking agent who has been with Rocket her entire life. Unfortunately she proved early on to have a demeanor unsuited for most missions, specifically those involving violence. She still showed considerable loyalty, so her primary job at the present is the care and teaching of Jr. Agents. However, she is requested to aid Agent Donovan in his missions on rare occasions, likely as they were partners when both were starting out.