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An idea for a wiki for Pokemorph MUSH was first thought up by Gab. She installed the wiki but the project had to be put on the back burner as real life responsibilities bloomed and took focus. Since then, Phineus has volunteered to compile the information for the wiki to make things more accessible to the players of the MUSH. Currently Regi has been maintaining and updating the wiki for the past few years. New addition Blackwhisker has just began the journey.

How do I find information in the wiki?

To find a specific bit of information in the wiki there are a few ways. The first is the Table of Contents. This is a complete, organized list of all the pages of the wiki divided by IC information and OOC information. Another way to find what you're looking for is to use the search bar in the left column under the navigation links. If the word you're looking for doesn't have its own page, searching for it will list the pages that do have the word on them.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

Becoming a user

To become a user of the wiki all you need to do is contact Staff through @mail on the MUSH. One user per player is allowed so please be sure to include which of your alts' names you want to be known by on the wiki.

User pages are for the player's OOC information and can be completely determined by the user. Vandalism, on user pages especially, will not be tolerated. Phineus will be reviewing the changes made throughout the wiki periodically and every change will be recorded. Any character found to have vandalized any pages on the wiki will be given a strike and suspension time from being able to edit the wiki. The second strike will cause them to be banned from ever editing the wiki again.

Editing pages

To edit pages all you need to do is click on the 'Edit' tab at the top of the page. If a page is locked from editing, the 'Edit' tab will be replaced with 'View Source' and will only allow you to view the code, not edit. As this wiki is a reflection of Pokemorph MUSH, any information that is added that does not follow the theme will be removed without warning. If you have information that you are not sure of, you can always contact an on-duty staff member by page or @mail.

Protected pages

Pages that coincide with the website and pages that hold official information are locked from editing by the general public. Additions to these pages can be suggested by contacting Phineus through @mail.

Talk pages

Concerns, comments, and questions can be asked about an article by using the article's talk page. To leave a note on a talk page, all you need to use is the discussion tab at the top of the page. Any registered user can create a talk page for an article. More information about editing talk pages from Wikipedia follows.

When you post a new comment, put it at the bottom of the talk page. The exception is that if you're responding to someone else's remarks, put your comment below theirs. You can indent your comment by typing a colon (:) at the beginning of a line.

You should sign your comments by typing ~~~ for just your username, or ~~~~ for your username and a time signature. This way, when you save the page, your signature will be inserted automatically. Otherwise your comments will still appear but without your name. Most of us use time signatures because it makes following discussions much easier. For your convenience, there is a button at the top of the edit box with a signature icon which automatically inserts "--~~~~".

Wiki suggestions

Any comments about the format, layout, or coding of the wiki should be directed to on-duty Staff, leaving notes on wiki talk pages, or simply suggesting a page or improvement on the PMMWiki Suggestions page.