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Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the PMM wiki!

This is a good place to start discovering PokemorphMUSH and the world it resides within to create a character and join us! There is considerably more information available if you wish to deep dive, but this section of the wiki should be able to direct you to answers for the most important questions. Of course, if you can't find your answer here, feel free to join as a Guest on the MUSH and ask all the questions you need. There will be people more than happy to help you!

Reading the articles in order from the top of this page to the bottom is a good way to walk yourself through the process of creating a character for PMM!

Join Us!

Main article: Starting at the Beginning

You may not have a character yet, but it would be a good idea to grab a MU Client (program/app) and pop in to visit. You'll be able to speak on our Guest Channel and there will be lots of people there to help any questions you may have.


Main article: Application

Next, this page is a good place to start, even if you're not ready to write a full application yet. The questions throughout the application are what you want to start figuring out for your character. Not only their history but how it shaped how they see the world, how they interact with others, etc. The tips for each section on the application may also be helpful and thought provoking. There is also an example application you can use for reference.

Also in this section is a link to Restricted Species, this list isn't very extensive, mainly pertaining to Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, but there are also some other minor restrictions to some species that are best looked at before having your heart set on a particular character.

What is a Pokemorph?

Main article: Pokemorph History

A basic overview of what Pokemorphs are in the PokemorphMUSH universe; how they were created, brief histories of the different generations, and what life has been like for different Pokemorphs.


Main article: Pokemorph Timeline

A huge help in creating and expanding the history of your character is to look over the official timeline. This timeline consists of a brief breakdown of the largest events in Pokemorph history that is likely to of effected your character in some way.


Main article: World Regions

There are many different regions in the world of PMM and their histories as well as how they have reacted and continue to react to Pokemorphs can vary from place to place. This is not essential reading, but may help you form a clearer idea of a region your character may of come from or been to on their life journey until now.


Main article: Factions

There are some large and small driving forces on Prism Island and it may be of interest to of had your character be part of one of these groups, currently or in their past. Within this section you will find information about Team Rocket, the Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, Team Plasma, the Seafangs, Hydra and the Friends of Nature.

Rules & MUSH Etiquette

Main article: Rules
Main article: MUSH Etiquette

The rules of the MUSH and surrounding community itself. Note that these are the MINIMUM guidelines, and players are generally expected to behave much better.

Last but certainly not least, if you're not familiar with online roleplaying this is a guide to introduce some terms and concepts such as retcons and consent rules. MUSHes are plenty old too, and lack some features of newer chats and forums, so there are some things MUSH-specific in here.