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Pokemorph MUSH's Online Database - Ms Fortune

Dbfile msfortune.jpg
Orchid "Ms. Fortune" Black
Aliases: Ms Fortune
Species: Joltik-Morph

Make: Freebirth

Faction & Rank: --

Primary Color: Yellow

Height & Weight: 5', 112 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx. Age: 27

Ability: Unnerve

Hair Color: Platinum

Eye Color: Emerald

Occupation: Owns and operates Dodge & Burn
Distinguishing Features:
Relationships: Has on-and-off relationship with co-worker, Cedar the Sawsbuck-Morph
Hangouts: Dodge & Burn, coffee shops, nightclubs
ATTACKS: String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web, Thunder Wave, Screech, Fury Cutter, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Gastro Acid, Slash, Electro Ball, Signal Beam, Agility, Sucker Punch, Discharge, Bug Buzz (TMs: Thunderbolt, Double Team, Swagger, Toxic)
PROFILE: Ms Fortune is but one of the many children her Dragon father has sired - he met her mother in the early days of Ghetsis' Ascension project, and she grew up in Unova.

These days, she co-owns and operates Dodge & Burn with her friend, Cedar; a studio where 'morphs may seek some of the more extreme forms of body modification, when tattoos and earrings just aren't enough. The ever-stylish arthropod takes great pride in her work; once known as one of the finest scarification artists in Unova, human and 'morph alike.

Outside of work, Ms Fortune's demeanor can vary wildly, depending on where her bipolar disorder has decided to place her that day. She may be sarcastic, antisocial, cynical and masochistic ... or she may be friendly, energetic, and the life of the party.

Player: Phineus