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MorphNet is a fully In-Character (IC) chat room exclusively for the residents of Prism Island.

About MorphNet

MorphNet is a unique chat channel available for IC communication and chat for any character that would typically access the internet. MorphNet supports chat aliases, so a character does not have to use their real name while on MorphNet. Please note, however, for OOC purposes, the corresponding character will be linked to the alias - but this is not information available IC!

Rules for using MorphNet

  • MorphNet is bound by the same general chat rules as the rest of PMM.
  • That said, all communication on MorphNet is IN CHARACTER. No exceptions.
  • Your character must also reasonably have IC access to the internet. This can be accomplished in many ways! For example, perhaps your character have a mobile phone, a laptop or home computer, or a library membership?
  • To reiterate: The listing of actual character names on MorphNet is OOC information only. This is simply to identify who you are roleplaying with.

Using MorphNet

MorphNet uses a different format from the other standard MUSH chat channels. Follows is some information to get started, which you can also read on PMM by typing +help MorphNet.

+account <handle>
Creates your MorphNet account with the display name that will appear when you talk on channel.
+delete account
Deletes your MorphNet account.
+alias <handle>
Changes your display name to <handle>.
+logon morphnet
Connect to MorphNet. This is MorphNet's @chan/join.
+logoff morphnet
Disconnect from MorphNet. This happens when you disconnect from the MUSH. This is MorphNet's @chan/leave.
+m <text>
Used to chat on the MorphNet channel. The use of : or ; for posing is the same as normal chat channels.
+chan/who morphnet
Displays users currently connected to MorphNet. For OOC purposes, the true character name is displayed next to their MorphNet alias.